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Once You Have Lived With Mountains By Ruskin Bond : Book Review

Once You Have Lived With Mountains By Ruskin Bond : Book Review
on Aug 10, 2021
Once You Have Lived With Mountains By Ruskin Bond : Book Review
‘Once you have lived in the mountains’ by Ruskin Bond is a collection of 17 short stories. He brings you his experiences in hill stations and some great life events. Whenever he is in hills he describes that details so perfectly that people in real life will be interested in  imagining that moment. He states that in transforming him as a writer dehra played an important role. Some of his best stories have been written in Dehra. A journey on the narrow and damp streets, smells of bazaar - sweetmeats frying, smoke from wood or charcoal fires, the sweat and urine of mules, petrol fumes, all these mingle with the smell of mist and old buildings and distant pines, walks on Mussoorie Tehri Road, tin roofs glistening in the moonlight, greenish phosphorous scented glowing Pari Tibba Hill has all come alive in this book. In one of the stories, he writes about the trees at different height of hills as under which is just so soothing. Stories of his friendship with Sudheer, long lost love with Sushila and also his encounter with made maharani up the spiral’s staircase of Jamnagar Palace are all meticulously described in the book. He mentions some of his favourite places for his writings which were the parade-ground or Maidan, the Paltan Bazaar and its offshoots, the lichee gardens of Dalanwala, the tea-gardens. After reading his stories, you will be deeply interested in wanting to immerse yourself in the isolation of hills as life is simply a matter of yesterday, today and tomorrow. And not always tomorrow. He, in simple language is guiding everyone that It is upon a person’s power of holding fast to such undimmed beauty that his or her inner hopefulness depends and that there is more to life than interest rates, dividends, market forces, and infinite technology. To buy this book, click here

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