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Cross Your Heart, Take My Name By Novoneel Chakraborty : Book Review

Cross Your Heart, Take My Name By Novoneel Chakraborty : Book Review
on Oct 18, 2021
Cross Your Heart, Take My Name By Novoneel Chakraborty : Book Review

Cross Your Heart, Take My Name is a thriller supported relationships with 250 pages. The literary genre and therefore the narration of the entire story is amazing. The story goes in past also as in present situation. The story is about the marriage of Garv and Nihira. They were in long distance marriage where Garv used to live in Pune and Nihira had to work in Bengaluru as per her project timeline for 2 years. She used to work for an NGO. As every lovestory cannot be perfect and has some flaws, same goes with their story. Garv met Yahvi, a married woman at airport and then they both decided to meet frequently where their meetings turned into attraction and that attraction turned into companionship. They began to find a companion or an individual on whom they will believe and may share everything. The one that can give love and care at an equivalent time . And then the time came when Garv and Yahvi finally decided to go away from their partners and make their own world somewhere distant . Yes, they were leaving there partners for their relationship. The most intense twist came when Yahvi cancelled their runaway and located missing. There was no clue where she went. Some people said she died because of illness, accident and so many things. Will Garv be able to find missing Yahvi? Is Yahvi still alive? Will Garv be able to confess his relationship with Yahvi to Nihira? How will Nihira react? An interesting part within the story is when Garv tried to seek out most of the clues also as her darkest secrets from her Instagram profile which took him in shock. This book nicely explains about relationships and loneliness which can force a person to take such drastic step which he never thought of. Garv also felt to discover something more rather than living an ordinary married life. The story is filled with unbelievable twists and turns. The more you switch the pages, the more secrets will get reveal. Still I am bit disappointed with the end. May be I was expecting something more or something realistic but not that one which is mentioned. The end of the story will surely make you think about relationships. I really loved the message passed through the whole story. The book is highly recommended to everyone!

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