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Contrived Connections By Radhika: Book Review

Contrived Connections By Radhika: Book Review
on Aug 24, 2021
Contrived Connections By Radhika: Book Review
At the point when Sowmya welcomes Sivakami and Sharan for her marriage in a little Kerala town, little does she visualize that her greeting would sling the existences of a few groups in various ways and change their fortunes for eternity! Never had Sivakami envisioned in the most out of control she had always wanted that she would venture into that town again after such countless years! For Sharan, it implied a chance to access some time with Sivakami and open out his heart to her. Things anyway don't go according to Sharan's arrangements. Which began as an easygoing get-away transformation into a quest for truth and attracts him nearer to Sivakami. An absolutely surprising new development powers Sharan to loan his shoulder to Sivakami as she seeks to fix the existences of individuals who once meant everything to her. Will Sivakami prevail in her main goal with Sharan close by? To Buy Click Here 

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