ABC Of Vedic Astrology By S.Nallakuttalam: Book Review

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The ABC of Vedic Astrology is a real effort to bring astrology closer to aspiring students and beginners. The book is well structured, simplified, and follows the principles of Vedic astrology. Several themes in the book are presented in a modern way of thinking and easy-to-remember fashion. This book first introduces Rasi, Nakshatras, and planets, and then explains various aspects of Vedic astrology. There are also discussions, case studies, astronomical charts, and useful tables to better understand Vedic astrology. The USP of this book is succinct in the narrative. Often beginners are confused by some rules, and this book attempts to eliminate these rules. Although this book is short and clear, it is enough for beginners to understand the basics of Vedic astrology. In fact, my previous book “Astronomical Meditation” is a compliment to this book.

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