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A Broken Man by Akash Verma : Book Review

A Broken Man by Akash Verma : Book Review
on Sep 14, 2021
A Broken Man by Akash Verma : Book Review
A broken man is an excellent and unique story of the life between Krishna and Chavi. Krishna is a Dalit born and brought up in a village in Bihar whereas Chavi is an out-and-out city girl who hails from a rich Brahmin family with high political influence. The story shows us that love is not only blind but beyond all boundaries. The depth of love between Krishna and Chavi touches the deepest chords of the reader's heart. The pain of separation will melt even the strongest person. A lot of issues of social relevance are addressed in the story. Issues like reservation, corruption, etc are addressed with deserving seriousness. The negligence, discrimination, and taunts suffered by the oppressed sections of the society depicted in the story are sure to change at least a few readers who think low about the low caste section. Rendition is excellent and poetic. The poems of Krishna which were originally written by the author are a bonus. A translation of the same could have been included. The making-out scene between Krishna and Chavi was unwanted. It seemed like an eyesore in a beautiful poetic story. Chavi's life after separation from Krishna was not convincing enough. It seemed like the author was rushing to the end. All in all the book is an excellent one with a strong deep storyline.

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