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Traditional publisher deals can be very tempting to accept. But in this video, I address some of the drawbacks I’ve discovered within the traditional publishing industry, and I talk about why you may want to consider going a different route.

I use the acronym COP to describe the pitfalls of taking your book to a traditional publisher. Let me break it down for you and show you why a figurative cop would urge you to slow down and think before publishing a book in the traditional way.

C stands for control. When you sign traditional publisher deals, you sign away a lot of creative control. Despite the fact that you’ve written everything in your book, the publisher often has the final say on the title, book cover, and even the content.

O stands for orders. In the traditional publishing industry, you typically get a 50% discount when you buy copies of your own book (not great, considering the publisher’s markup). You’ll want to buy multiple copies for family, friends, coaching, and your own marketing and sales efforts.

P stands for profits. With traditional publisher deals, you normally only receive about 10-14% of the net profits. And that’s after you’ve probably paid back your advance in buying those discounted personal copies.

If you choose to get your book published within the traditional publishing industry, you lose creative control, you pay a high price for your own orders, and you lose out on most of the profits.

Although it may seem like the standard path toward success as a writer, you should know that there are non-traditional alternatives out there.

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