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Rebind, The First AI-Native Book Publishing Company, has opened Beta access

Discover Rebind Publishing: Explore classic literature with expert guidance through interactive e-reading experiences. Join beta for access today on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
on Jun 18, 2024
Rebind, The First AI-Native Book Publishing Company

Renowned authors such as John Banville, Chloé Cooper Jones, Peter Catapano, Clancy Martin, and John Kaag have contributed to the revolutionary e-reading experience, with more to come.

Rebind Publishing, the first AI-powered book publisher, launches beta access today on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Rebind is a new e-reading platform that brings books to life through interactive, immersive experiences guided by the most brilliant minds of our time.

Beginning today, Rebind launches its beta collection, which includes some of the finest vintage titles partnered with expert instructions (called Rebinders):

  • John Banville, Irish novelist, and Booker Prize winner explores Dubliners
  • Chloé Cooper Jones, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, teaches Heart of Darkness
  • Peter Catapano, Op-Ed Editor for The New York Times, rebinds The Great Gatsby
  • Clancy Martin, Author, and Guggenheim Fellow examines Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • John Kaag, Author of NYT Editor Choice and NPR Best Books, dives deeper into Walden

These prominent voices are paired with their favorite literary, philosophical, or spiritual book, and they share their passion and insights with readers, resulting in better ease, access, and understanding of literature. When readers open a book with Rebind, they are engaged in a carefully planned, guided experience. Rebinders introduce readers to scene-setting movies and provide more information about the book than the original work itself. Readers can watch, read, and discuss the content of the e-books at any time.

"We're thrilled to be opening up and unlocking these treasured books for both new readers of the classics and those revisiting their favorites," said Rebind's CEO and Co-Founder, John Dubuque. "We know that so many people have reading bucket lists, and we're making it possible for readers to dive into meaningful, and sometimes challenging texts, with increased confidence and interest because you're guided by an expert with a fresh take."

How It Works: Visit rebind.ai and sign up for Rebind's beta. Once inside the experience, choose a piece of classic literature from Rebind's library. Readers are met with original movies from professionals that share personal experiences, historical background, and insights. At the end of each section of text, the book includes an interactive chat box where you can talk with the book's Rebinder in an AI discussion based on substantial interview data.

Readers can ask innumerable questions throughout the book and receive instant, personal, and relevant responses from professional opinion, allowing them to understand the content faster and better.

Clancy Martin, a Rebinder and team member, interviews these professionals and gathers their perspectives to truly ground the AI discussions. "We're creating access to scholars, writers, and teachers who are championing learning and rooting on readers towards deeper understanding," he stated. "We want more people to fall in love with these books-the characters, the themes, the lessons-as we have."

The technology: Rebind records over 20 hours of original discussion and then utilizes AI to convert it into interactive conversations in an e-reading experience. It is an AI-powered discussion with exclusive, expert information.

Readers will engage in book club-style discussions infused with fresh Rebinder comments from enthusiastic professionals at key periods in the novel.

"This is a Gutenberg moment in the history of reading, breathing new life into the classics with conversations happening right on the page," says John Kaag, Rebind Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, and Rebinder. "We look forward to helping people connect more deeply with these books, and more importantly, with themselves." 

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