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Ready to hit the beach, and the books

Ready to hit the beach, and the books
on May 17, 2021
Ready to hit the beach, and the books
A big round circle marks that date. You know exactly how many days before your vacation. Not that you’re looking forward to it (you are!!) but you can hear the beach calling and you hate to disappoint the sand and sun. So why not take these great beach-reads with you....? For anyone who’s vacationed with a bestie, “People We Meet on Vacation” by Emily Henry (Berkley Jove) is a good pick to pack. It’s the story of Alex and Poppy, who’ve known one another since forever, but they had a really bad vacation together two years ago. You might think that’s the end of this story but no. Poppy misses Alex and she extends the laurel branch. He accepts. That’s a big wow; now she has a week to make things right... Here’s an idea: suggest “The Beach House” by Rochelle Alers (Dafina) to your book club, then take it on holiday with you. It’s the story of three women united by a summer book club. One of them has been through major life-changers since the last meeting at the end of last summer, and this season is a chance to heal her heart and soul. But is she ready – really ready – to move on? Out May 25, this easy-breezy book is about friendships, romance, growing older, and (of course) a beach. If you’ve ever enjoyed a get-away so much that you wish you could actually get away, you have to read “The Newcomer” by Mary Kay Andrews (St. Martin’s Press). When Letty Carnahan’s sister is found dead in her fancy New York City home, Letty remembers Tanya’s warning: if Tanya ever dies under mysterious circumstances, her ex-husband did it. So Letty does exactly what she knew Tanya would want: she grabs Tanya’s four-year-old daughter, a handful of items from Tanya’s house (including a stash of cash and bling), takes a new name, and splits, heading for a tiny Mom-and-Pop motel in Florida. Once there, the question remains: who really killed Letty’s sister? And is it possible to find romance with a handsome local detective when you’re on the lam? For the reader who dreads beach season because it might mean beach body, then “Starfish” by Lisa Fipps (Nancy Paulsen Books) is the book to read. It’s quick, it’s in poem form, and it’s about a woman who’s fat-shamed, and how she learns to find her own worth, despite the jerks and bullies. Bonus: this book will also work for the teen reader who needs it. And on that note, if a “beach body” is your concern, no worries. Grab “Two Meals a Day” by Mark Sisson (Grand Central Publishing). The good news is, it’s not a diet, it’s a habit-change that’s easy to make and easy to maintain, it’s flexible, and there’s no calorie-counting. Bonus: recipes! If these beachy books don’t feel perfect for your vacation, put yourself in the capable hands of your local bookseller or librarian. You need a great beach-read, and they’ll know exactly what you want to have around.' Source: goshennews 

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