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Frontlist | Ramesh Pokhriyal Recommends Task Force to coordinate implementation of NEP

Frontlist | Ramesh Pokhriyal Recommends Task Force to coordinate implementation of NEP
on Jan 13, 2021
Frontlist | Ramesh Pokhriyal Recommends Task Force to coordinate implementation of NEP
After conducting a review of the implementation of the New National Education Policy 2020, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal recommended the institution of a task force for coordinating the implementation of the National Education Policy in the educational institutions. The education minister has suggested that a review committee and an implementation committee headed by the secretary of Higher education must be formed to ensure the speedy implementation of the NEP.

Taskforce for NEP

According to an official press statement released, during the meeting, the education minister has recommended the information of a task force for the coordination of NEP implementation between the Higher Education and School Education departments of the Ministry of Education in order to facilitate the smooth transition of the students from school education to higher education. The minister has also emphasized the need for shifting the focus from package culture to patent culture.
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NEP to be implemented by 2021

Emphasizing that the National Education Technology Forum and the National Research Foundation are critical for the success of the policy which is why they should be established in 2021-22. The minister has also asked for the stakeholders to make sure there is a cooperation between the implementation of the NEP and existing policies of the government also stressing enabling the linkages between the industry and academics for better results. He also pointed that a total of 181 tasks have been identified for the implementation in higher education and a dashboard for monitoring the progress of the identified 181 tasks of the NEP with clear timelines and targets may be prepared. The new NEP was approved in July 2020 with an objective of universalization of education from pre-school to secondary level. The NEP also aims to enable an individual to study one or more specialized areas of interest at a deep level along with developing character, scientific temper, creativity, the spirit of service, and 21st-century capabilities across a range of disciplines like arts, science, social science, and humanities. Source: Jagran Josh

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