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“Radhika”: a new age love story by first time author Manoj Swarup

“Radhika”: a new age love story by first time author Manoj Swarup
on Jan 07, 2022
Radhika Book

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Despite the pandemic, it's finally the 2022 New Year after learning one roller coaster this year. As we have a new beginning and hope, it's time to start this year with a new book written by the lead author. Manoj Swarup is a London-based entrepreneur. Manoj lives in more than 36 countries and is the first official book. The book "Radika" is a love story that asks the very relevant question "Why do people fall in love?" This is a question that many people continue to ask themselves. Radhika is more than a love story. Staying in two different countries and separated by physical distance, two diverse people become inseparable. The protagonist continues to strive forward by overcoming numerous hurdles in his corporate career. He met with a girl with whom he has a professional relationship. But, with time, he realizes that it wasn`t just about work. In emotional turmoil, he decided to convey his love to her. He didn't want to lose her girlfriend. The question is, does she feel the same about him? Maybe she did. But does she commit? Work and family play a central role in changing the balance of the hero's life. In a blink of an eye, some unexpected twists and turns occur, and the hero falls into a dilemma. But the only hope and the only silver lining in his life was his love. It is true that unexpected truths can break the mind and change perceptions. Radica began to discover some harsh realities about the man in her life. Can truth put an end to love? The author of the book, Manoj Swarup, said: I have been an active blogger and greedy reader since I was a kid. As I traveled around the world, I met interesting people who were kind enough to talk to me. That's how I finally started writing books. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I wrote it. " After reading the book Adman, Plarad Kakkar said: I hope Manoi will do his best for this book and other books. " So what are we waiting for? Pick up your favorite blanket and a cup of coffee and enjoy this heartwarming reading "Radika" Manoj Swarup is a traveler, writer, and entrepreneur. He has traveled to more than 36 countries and is constantly finding time to explore different places, cultures, and lifestyles. He was always interested in writing and always found time to write down his thoughts. Manoj is also an entrepreneur and runs an IT company in London. He also likes to try different dishes and also likes to cook in his spare time.

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