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Quichotte - The old act which still feels fresh

Quichotte - The old act which still feels fresh
on Jan 29, 2020
Quichotte - The old act which still feels fresh
Once again author Salman Rushdie has proven why he is the star of literature. His book, ‘Quichotte’ is another masterpiece of his work. The book shows the extraordinary storytelling skills of Rushdie. ‘Quichotte’ is the story of a pharmaceutical salesman named Ismail Smile who is travelling with his unreal son Sancho. Smile is in love with a television actress, Salma for whom he sets out a quest to win her heart. He started sending letters to her under the name of ‘Quichotte’. He explained the quest and expressed his love in his letters. Somehow, he becomes a hero. A sad and damaged hero but also a happy one! The story will keep you glued to the book with the funny moments in it but as the climax will come near, there are tuns in the story which will impact you deeply with the emotions in them. The book is beautifully written with a little complex story. It can feel a little crazy to read such a story but it’s okay because it’s the perfect crazy story which we all need to read sometimes. Salman Rushdie has written a lot of books and his this book is also going to one of the best books by Salman Rushdie

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