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Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival: Six Years of Empowerment and Education for the Community

Join the Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival, celebrating children's literacy and community with readings, performances, and more on August 3, 2024. Free to all!
on Jun 19, 2024
Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival

Dhanpaul Narine developed the Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival, which is more than simply a platform for fostering literacy among Queens youngsters; it is also a one-of-a-kind event that has evolved over the last six years. From humble beginnings with a small group of children, it has grown into a dynamic festival held in the Richmond Hill branch of the Queens Library, with a huge impact on our community.
This unique program enables students to read poems, give speeches, perform musical renditions, undertake and present research, and demonstrate their talents. It also creates a supportive and inclusive environment in which they can do so, making each person feel valued and welcomed.

In conjunction with the Office of Adult and Continuing Education (OACE) and the New York City Department of Education, the festival has received formal recognition and support for its contributions to children's reading.

The event recently honored two notable community members: Dr. Basdeo Mangru and Sherry Albredo. Dr. Mangru, a historian and the first Master of Arts graduate from the University of Guyana, has written extensively on East Indian immigration. Albredo, a community board member, has made major contributions to several community initiatives.

The most recent event focused on Indo-Caribbean ancestry, looking at the migration from India to the Caribbean and then from the Caribbean to North America.

Previous events celebrated Black history and women's achievements, including readings and creative poetry inspired by figures such as Frederick Douglass, Maya Angelou, and Martin Luther King Jr.

He went on to say that "one of the festival's most impressive features is its ability to bring together children, parents, and the community." It fosters a family-friendly environment in which children may shine while parents can take satisfaction in their accomplishments. The active participation of community leaders as moderators."

The next major event, 'Poetry, Prose, and Passion,' is already generating excitement and is set for [August 3, 2024]. Dr. Narine concluded, "We look forward to welcoming all eager parents and children to this exciting celebration of literature and community."

Dr. Narine expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Queens Library for their tremendous assistance, underlining that all festival activities are free to the public. As the event grows, the need for more space becomes clear, reflecting the increased interest and participation of the Queens community. Your encouragement and participation are much welcomed and acknowledged.

For additional information and updates on upcoming activities, the Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival encourages community people to stay involved and join in this wonderful cultural celebration.

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