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Frontlist | Publishing House Kalamos signs debut novelist Fawaz Jaleel

Frontlist | Publishing House Kalamos signs debut novelist Fawaz Jaleel
on Jan 22, 2021
Frontlist | Publishing House Kalamos signs debut novelist Fawaz Jaleel

Fawaz Jaleel’s ‘Nobody Likes An Outsider’’ is a political thriller/mystery.

Political thrillers enthuse Indian audiences in reality as well as fiction. With a rising demand for thrillers in the Indian reading ecosystem, Kalamos Literary Services has signed Fawaz Jaleel’s debut novel, Nobody Likes An Outsider. Set in Begusarai, the book introduces Yohan Tytler - a senior CBI inspector who investigates the murder of Ashraf Zain, a young politician from Bihar who started his own political outfit, The Naya Bharat Manch. The book will be the first of the Yohan Tytler Mystery series and will co-star two CBI sub-inspectors, Ila Qureshi and Sukumar Azhagu. Nobody Likes An Outsider is inspired by contemporary events in the modern political history of Bihar and India. The story takes you through incidents between the 1970’s to 2020, fuelled with political instances and a fast-paced thrilling narrative. For fans of the thriller/mystery genre, this is going to be an investigative treat that will force them to crack the case along with the CBI officer. This is Fawaz Jaleel’s debut novel. He has written three short stories in the past - Alternate Identities, From The Land of Palaces, and The Legend of Birbal’s Bull. His latest short story, The Legend of Birbal’s Bull reintroduces the yesteryear hero, Birbal to the Indian audiences. The book addresses the issue of abuse against women and is available on Amazon, Google, and Juggernaut. When asked about his latest book, Fawaz Jaleel remarked, “This is a story intertwined with real-life instances and fiction. The setting and context are inspired by real events but the entire narrative is fiction. It also addresses a lesser spoken about aspect of a larger written narrative in Indian fiction”. When asked if this book is a page turner, Fawaz replied with a wink and a smile, “See there is a cliff-hanger at the end of each chapter. The readers will need to turn the pages for closure”. Fawaz also said that the readers will get a sneak peak into the second book at the end of this one. Anuj Kumar, owner of Kalamos, who signed Fawaz Jaleel, appeared thrilled at this collaboration. He said Kalamos Literary Services is a publishing house that believes in maintaining a fine balance with good content and good strategies. We are on a constant hunt for good content and provide a platform to debut authors like Fawaz Jaleel to demonstrate their writing skills. 'Nobody likes an Outsider' is a very intriguing and thought-provoking story that will enthrall and excite today's readers. We are very eager to release it. Born in Vilakkudy, Kerala, Fawaz claims that his interest in writing started during his graduation days in Madras Christian College. He wrote his first short story during his Masters days in Azim Premji University. On the other hand, Kalamos has had a brilliant year with the releases of titles like Case No. 56, Obsessed and many others in 2020, and look forwards to more exciting projects including Fawaz’s in 2021. Fawaz Jaleel’s book is set to be released in 2021. The details will be released soon.   Source: DNA

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