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Frontlist | Project to promote hygienic practices in schools : Sikkim

Frontlist | Project to promote hygienic practices in schools : Sikkim
on Feb 24, 2021
Frontlist | Project to promote hygienic practices in schools : Sikkim
Sikkim government launched project to promote hygienic practices in schools. A unique initiative 'Udbhav' has been launched with an aim to ensure students continue their study in an healthy environment. Project to promote hygienic practices in schools of SikkimProject to promote hygienic practices in schools of Sikkim | Photo Credit: iStock Images In the light of post-COVID scenario, a unique initiative 'Udbhav' has been launched to promote hygienic practices at all levels for school-going children in Sikkim on Tuesday. Every child-friendly school requires appropriate wash initiatives that keep the school environment clean and free of smells and inhibit the transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. Project 'Udbhav' was launched in 10 schools of Sikkim with the association of Education Department of Sikkim and Alkem Foundation and Sulabh School Sanitation Club, New Delhi. The aim of this project is to ensure that all students continue their studies in a safe and healthy environment, a release said. While launching the campaign at Government Secondary School, Chakung, West Sikkim, state Education minister Kunga Nima Lepcha said COVID-19 has left a great impact on the social and mental life of the students. Additional Chief Secretary, Education Department, G P Upadhay said that under this project four Covid Resource Centres are being opened in four schools of Sikkim. Effort will be on to train students and teachers on implementing physical distancing and school hygiene practices and also to promote hygienic practices at all levels and for all staff of the school system, with an emphasis on handwashing and respiratory etiquette, he added. Soreng MLA Aditya Golay Tamang said that this programme shall focus on the development of life skills and the mobilisation and involvement of teachers, students, parents, communities, governments and institutions to work together to improve hygiene, water and sanitation conditions in the identified schools of Sikkim. Rupak Roy Choudhury, National Coordinator, Sulabh Wash in School Programme opined that its time to plan and prepare for the immediate future and Project 'Udbhav' would try to harp on the fact that schooling is not equivalent to merely learning, but encompasses a social space, a social process, to learn to live, think and act for one's self and the collective good. Sharing plan of this campaign Roy Choudhary said that about 400 students and 100 teachers are going to be trained under the Project 'Udbhav'. The project would provide school leaders with clear guidance to establish procedures if students or staff become unwell. The project shall encourage the use of hand sanitizer, emphasize the importance of proper use of cloth masks and accordingly vending machines that can dispense masks, sanitizers and napkins are also being installed in some schools of Sikkim. About 250 students and teachers from West Sikkim participated in this event by adhering to the Covid protocols. Lok Sabha member Indra Hang Subba, Ramakant Rai, General Manager of Alkem Labs and others officials of Sikkim government also attended the programme. Read More: Pokhriyal meets heads of centrally-funded institutions of Gujarat Source: Times now 

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