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Frontlist | 'Over the River and Through the Woods' fun and lovely

Frontlist | 'Over the River and Through the Woods' fun and lovely
on Jan 12, 2021
Frontlist | 'Over the River and Through the Woods' fun and lovely

Recent release Over the River and Through the Woods from Newman Springs Publishing author Ellen E. Burns shares a fun and lovely narrative of a young girl from the village visiting her grandmother who lives in the woods.

Ellen E. Burns, a retired Senior Housing Specialist, has completed her new book “Over the River and Through the Woods”: a gripping and potent illustrated fiction that follows a granddaughter stopping for groceries and then rushing over to visit at her grandma’s house, without knowledge of the surprise that awaits her. Ellen writes, “This ‘fractured fairy tale’ is the result of Mrs. Burns' first attempt to step out of the comfort zone of writing from experience in her memoir and knock on the door of her imagination for her writer's group's meeting in November 2017. The assignment was to write a fiction piece. Ellen had tried unsuccessfully, in the past, to write fiction. She had become comfortable writing about her life experiences, during the months of sharing memoir excerpts with her 'Writers on the River', but attempting fiction again was untested and uncertain. This work was actually inspired by a remark made by her husband, as she struggled with the topic for that month's meeting. In keeping with the memoir genre, this tale is set using names familiar with the locals, and to satisfy the assignment of writing fiction, it brings ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to Northern New York.” Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Ellen E. Burns’ delightful fairy tale-based story will give the kids much amusement as they go over the pages. This is something both parents and kids can enjoy together! About Newman Springs Publishing:  Newman Springs Publishing is a full-service publishing house for serious authors. Each title produced by Newman Springs Publishing undergoes every step of the professional publishing process, including editing, layout, cover design, circulation, distribution, and publicity. All titles are made available in both eBook and print formats. Newman Springs Publishing distributes to tens of thousands of retail outlets throughout North America and internationally. All manuscripts in any genre are welcome to be submitted for review; If the manuscript meets the necessary criteria and is accepted for publication, Newman Springs Publishing will work closely with the author to bring the book to the retail market for a relatively inexpensive initial investment. Source: Digital Journal

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