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Frontlist | Original Disney comics you never knew existed

Frontlist | Original Disney comics you never knew existed
on Jan 04, 2021
Frontlist | Original Disney comics you never knew existed
Disney is a production company so popular for its animation that the mob often forgets that all these famous characters in the industry were once a part of the comic book industry. All this while, it is also stated that the fans are going to recognize both Marvel as well as Star Wars characters as part of the huge line-up of Disney Comics. It is really not common to witness the likes of Mickey Mouse in such a list. Over the years, we have witnessed a huge variety of comic books that happened to bring some of the most famous properties of Disney to all the leaders across the world. People do not know about a lot of them, but there are still many which have happened to fail totally. In fact, here we have wrapped up some great comics present in the archive of Disney Comics.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Fans know how the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has stayed as something meant for the big screen. It has rarely crossed over to some other mediums, although there are some of the novels and video games that are exceptional to this rule. This is why it is astonishing to know that the films in this franchise are actually based on comic books instead of creators just creating them out of the blue.
As of right now, there are no TV shows going on or maybe not even some ongoing book series. These comics about the pirates published by Joe books are surely a great way to witness more adventures from Captain Jack Sparrow. This is when he is trying to navigate himself through a world of swashbuckling heroes and fantasy villains. This is much like the aquatic enemies that are employed in Dungeons and Dragons.

Robin Hood

It is witnessed that Robin Hood has been portrayed in the comics in several ways. It is rather uncommon to think that this character from the version created by Disney actually has his own comic. This underrated Disney Comics has always been a bit of success when it came to critics and fans. And thus, people who love the show can now step into the mythology of the brand new version of the tale. This can be done all because of the Robin Hood comic book series created by Robert Pet.

The Disney Princess

All the princesses in Disney are surely the crowning jewels of the whole Walt Disney Company. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that they wanted to bring these characters to life once again through the medium of comic books. For all the young Disney fans out there, they are now provided with a chance to enjoy their favorite Princesses in a new manner. This was all brought to life by the iconic Amy Mebberson. By doing so, not only the reading if the children will be enhanced, but also it will allow them to go on small adventures with the character in their imagination, which obviously compliments the themes of the films.

Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room can be considered as another fun Disney Comics and is surely one of the favorites of Walt Disney fans. The show employed a variety of animatronics who all sing a song about the Tiki Room as well as the magic which exists there. All the comic books which are written by Jon Adams as well as illustrated by Horacio Domingues picks up this story in a pretty short run. This comic serves as a great addition to the legacy of Tiki. Source: OtakuKart

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