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On the book shelf: Don’t think too much of your success, life lessons from a father

On the book shelf: Don’t think too much of your success, life lessons from a father
on May 11, 2021
On the book shelf: Don’t think too much of your success, life lessons from a father
Fifty-six year old Sandeep Sahni, while discussing his newly published book ‘Dear Son: Life Lessons from a father,’ shares, “This book is all about the life teachings that a father has got to offer to his twenty-one year old son. I originally wrote this book as a gift for my son, who just turned twenty-one last December. And I presented this book to him on his very birthday.” The book, which runs to 294 pages, is divided into a total of twenty-one chapters. He explains, “the chapters are meant to teach the reader to handle setbacks in life, to master the art of saying NO, among other themes.” Dwelling on the role of humility in one’s life, Sahni knowingly wrote in his book, “One of the most important traits that you must develop, whatever your achievements or level of success, is Humility – the wonderful quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. As they say, when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.” When asked about what had prompted him to write this book, Sahni chuckles and fondly recalls, “It was somewhere around July last year when one day, my son brought up the topic of his fast-approaching birthday during a conversation. He told me that he wanted something special for his twenty-first birthday. By that, I inferred that he was rather expecting something materialistic, like a car or maybe he wanted to go out on a holiday. So I had a word with my wife who, in turn, prodded me to pen this book. And that is how the idea took hold. And over the next few months, I managed to rustle up these lessons for him in the form of a book.” Also read: https://www.frontlist.in/the-vampire-diaries-10-differences-between-damon-in-the-books-amp-the-show/ He grins, “now this is something that will always remain with him.” Sahni, who is also the President of the Chandigarh Club, reveals, “I have always been an avid reader. And I have always had a penchant for writing. I used to write blogs. And I believe, that the best way to share the knowledge that you have acquired by reading is to write it down.” To his fellow writers who occasionally grapple with a creative block, he suggests, “When you encounter a writer’s block, you should just leave it there for a day or two. Let your mind go blank for some time. Don’t think about it. Just switch to something else, and then it all comes to you.” He also opines, “whatever comes to your mind, jot it down. And get it published. Many of us are often apprehensive, wondering whether others would even like our works or not. But if you write from the heart, you will surely find somebody who appreciates your work. Just follow your passion and leave it for the readers to decide if they like it or not.” Sahni adds that he relishes the works of writers like Robin Sharma and Rhonda Byrne. Sahni concludes, “even if one reader feels propelled to follow his dreams in life after reading my book, I would feel content.” Another book entitled ‘What my MBA did not teach me about money,’ which has been co-authored by Sahni, is also expected to be out soon. Source: https://indianexpress.com/

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