Frontlist | Must read novels shedding light on childhood trauma

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When we look back at the impact on children of the disturbing events of 2020 many adults will say, “ They were so young when it happened; they probably won’t even remember it in the future.” But, the reality is that childhood trauma can have a lifelong impact. While kids are often resilient, they are not as impervious to emotional harm as we might wish.

So what kind of experiences qualify as childhood trauma? Childhood trauma refers to a scary, dangerous, violent, or life-threatening event that happens to a child between the ages of 0-18 years. This type of event may not even happen directly to the child, but the child is affected by seeing or hearing about someone they love or simply know who is hurt, injured, or dies. But if there is any silver lining, it is important to know that each child interprets their unique experiences differently, and a life event that is traumatic for one child might not be traumatic for another.


Source: The Patriot Ledger 

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