Noida International Literature festival celebrated the relation of authors and their publishers

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The third edition of the Noida literature festival was on 16th November to 17th November. The event was the perfect mixture of art, culture, and politics. The event was organized by Vibhor Festival Trust. The literature festival had many eminent personalities from India and abroad, including writers, publishers, activists, analysts, journalists, academics and many more.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the festival. The event was filled with panel discussions, debates, book launches, poetry, music, and dance performances. The panels on different topics mostly talked about the publishing industry and the political scenario of India. The discussions also involved subjects like environmental health, LGBT, the role of journalism in national news, women empowerment and horror fiction writing.

Authors and publishers both were part of the event and also become the panelists. Manish Sisodia talked about, “Sarvajanik Shiksha: Shiksha ka Adhikar”.

Shunail K Shroff, Niharika Gupta, Mukul Kumar, and Richa Agarwal shared their views on “What Makes a Bestseller”. The discussion said that marketing in PR plays a big role in bestsellers. A writer should market his/her book well rest depends on the story of the novel. After achieving the first step, your work will get you to the bestsellers list. In a quick nutshell of imagination for a bestseller, writer Shunali K Shoff said, “There is not a certain formula to write a bestseller. A few things are important that If you are a writer and you want to resonate with the audience firstly be honest and original. Don’t copy anybody else’s style secondly please don’t get lost in the maze of words are writers who are good at doing that. Avoid writing complex sentences. And third, your writing should have an emotional character which means that you need to keep changing the tone to amaze the reader like oh that happens! Oh, it could happen!”

Niharika Gupta said, “I think what makes a bestseller is a character. The character should be identifiable. I like to see myself as the character. Readers should connect with the character. I like it when people come and say to me that oh, I like what you did with your character.”

Sudha Sadanand, Aditi Maheshwari Goyal, and Naveen Chaudhary shared their views on “How to get published in India”.

Author and psychotherapist Richa Agarwal launched her new novel, “The Soul Game”. The books talk about the people who are facing different kind of problems and most of them are very young. Indian’s 50% population is of young people. Youngsters have a lot of exposure, but they are not aware of it. All the time they are constantly thinking like why this is happening, why my relationships are not working and with the knowledge which I have, I was a psychotherapist is very important to put across these answers in the form of a book. So, I can share information with the youth of the country. I like to make their life much easier. That is the reason I picked up this genre”

The event was filled with young brains. College students shared the major group in the audience. So, these types of books are very beneficial for our young minds who are out on the journey to explore.

Author Shiwanand Dwivedi and Dr. Anirab Ganguly also promote their book, “Amit Shah and The March of BJP”. The book is about the life journey of Amit Shah to BJP.

The main highlight of the event was the discussion on “Pauranik Aakhyaan Lekhan Ki Chunautiyaan” by author Narendra Kohli. He is famous for his writings on Puranas and Mythology. He said that the biggest challenge is to write about a topic that is well known by your readers. Mythology writing is difficult because here your readers already know about the story which has been shared from different mediums. The reader should think that he/she is learning something new. You must narrate your story in such a way that creates eagerness in the minds of the readers, and it will compel them to know more about it.

He also added, “Don’t just copy the mythology, adapt and write it in your way”.

The event was filled with young brains. College students shared the major group in the audience. Two bookstalls have the books of the authors and publishers who were the part of the event. The literature festival was ended with the session of the very famous Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi.

Sayyid Athar Hussein Rizvi, known as Kaifi Azmi was an Indian Urdu poet. He is remembered as the one who brought Urdu literature to Indian motion pictures. The last session celebrated the life and work of Kaifi Azmi.502

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