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Next year, Amritsar will host the Military Literature Festival

Explore the rich military history of Punjab at the second district-level Military Literature Festival in Amritsar. Motivating young minds and fostering awareness about armed forces.
on Nov 30, 2023
Next year, Amritsar will host the Military Literature Festival | Frontlist

The Military Literature Festival Association, which organises the festival, plans to hold its second district-level edition in Amritsar in early 2024.

The Military Literature Festival, an event aiming at raising awareness about the importance of the armed forces and motivating young people, is scheduled to return to Amritsar for its second district-level edition. This event, organised by the Military Literature Festival Association and led by Lt-Gen TS Shergill (ret), followed the successful inaugural edition in Patiala in January.
District-Wide Expansions

The decision to hold the festival at the district level underscores the Punjab state government's commitment, as noted by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann at last year's celebration in Chandigarh. The goal is to raise awareness about the armed services and motivate young people, creating a better understanding of their role in national security.

Participants and key details

The event is planned for early 2024, taking into account student exam schedules and other practical factors. The 2018 edition, which will be opened on December 2 in Chandigarh by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, features an amazing list of speakers.

Former Union Ministers Mani Shankar Aiyar and Manish Tewari, IFS Ajay Bisaria, and distinguished military veterans such as Lt Gen SL Narsimhan, Lt Gen Prakash Menon, Lt Gen KJ Singh, and Lt Gen JS Cheema are among those who have taken part. Tibetologist Claude Arpi, as well as historians Prof Indu Banga and Dr. Karamjit Malhotra, will give their perspectives.

Emphasis on Punjab and Punjabiyat

The emphasis on Punjab and Punjabiyat, as well as the region's military history, distinguishes this version. The discussions will go into Maharaja Ranjit Singh's strategic vision, evaluating his enormous accomplishments through conquest, which contributed areas to the Indian country such as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Ballistan, and Ladakh.

Global Viewpoints

The event recognises the significance of global concerns impacting peace and stability. Expert debates will examine the global impact of potentially destabilising and polarising crises in places like Ukraine and the Middle East. Contemporary regional issues will also be discussed, giving attendees a thorough awareness of the geopolitical scene.

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