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Frontlist | New York Times bestseller Ramit Sethi is launching job portal

Frontlist | New York Times bestseller Ramit Sethi is launching job portal
on Jan 22, 2021
Frontlist | New York Times bestseller Ramit Sethi is launching job portal
On January 26, 2021Ramit SethiNew York Times best-selling author of Will Teach You to Be Rich and founder of iwillteachyoutoberich.com, is launching Find Your Dream Job. This program is designed to help job seekers of any level make more money, enjoy more flexibility and find and land a job they love. Based on a decade of market insights Find Your Dream Job details everything you need to find and land your Dream Job, step by step. All the exact strategies, frameworks, hands-on tactics, real-world examples, word-for-word scripts, and mindsets you need to get backdoor intros to unannounced jobs, boost your salary, get remote jobs, and much more. Find Your Dream Job also includes:
  • Live, video MAKEOVERS to show you exactly how to answer the trickiest interview questions
  • Behind-the-scenes CONFESSIONS from real hiring managers — find out what they wished you knew
  • Real RESUMES, COVER LETTERS, and PROPOSALS that landed 6-figure jobs and major promotions
  • White glove SUPPORT to help you find your dream job.
We designed Find Your Dream Job to allow our students to move quickly and effectively through the job search process. No more wasting time tweaking resumes, scanning job boards or applying to random jobs, explains Sethi. If you dedicate as little as five hours a week to Find Your Dream Job, you can find a job that pays you more, lets you work where you want, when you want, and makes you excited to go to work again. Find Your Dream Job also offers advanced strategies for negotiating significant raises, reinventing your career and finding unannounced jobs. The program includes done-for-you email templates and proven responses to tough interview questions. Sethi encourages students to advance through the program linearly or utilize it Netflix-style, by dipping into topics where you need specific areas of support right now and bookmarking content for later review on the mobile-friendly interface. Find Your Dream Job will be released on www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021. Subscribe to email updates here to receive the latest news on Find Your Dream Job. About Ramit Sethi
Ramit Sethi is the founder of iwillteachyoutoberich.com, which has more than 1 million monthly readers. He speaks regularly to the media on the topic of personal finance and business. He has appeared on CNBC, The New York Times, Business Insider and more to share his fresh take on money and success. Sethi was #2 on the list of Tim Ferriss' top 25 podcast interviews for 2019. Sethi is a graduate of Stanford and lives in Los Angeles.   Source: PR News

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