New Ghostwriting and Publishing Company Boasts ‘Create the ROI without all the Eye-to-Eye’

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Visionary Literary is a ghostwriting and book publishing company whose target audience includes business owners, C-level executives, successful investors, influencers, philanthropists and more. The company’s team is eliminating the weak points in a thriving industry, leading to a more efficient process for clients to share information and expand their revenue base.

It is creating an opportunity to have a more efficient process. Typical ghostwriting projects can consume anywhere from 20 to 60 hours — yes, 60 hours — of phone or video time with a ghostwriter. Add time zone differences, scheduling conflicts, and business hour limitations and prospective authors brush the potential project aside.

They allow people of all backgrounds — race, gender, income, religion, orientation, etc. — to learn and to give themselves the best chance at success. So, think about how much learning potential is being withheld due to traditional ghostwriting and publishing processes.

It’s new, innovative company is excited to remove these roadblocks, create more impactful content, and allow people to increase their chance(s) at a better life through the material they consume.

Source – prnewswire

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