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New curriculum for metropolitan cities

New curriculum for metropolitan cities
on Oct 14, 2019
New curriculum for metropolitan cities
In this new age, the curriculum we teach to our school and college students must change. Different skills will be needed by students of our metropolitan cities to make a mark in their field of choice. There is a dire need of Personality Development and Life Management classes in Metropolitan cities as children living in bigger cities are exposed to end number of opportunities and distractions. Most of the time they end up oscillating between opportunities and distractions and fail to focus on grabbing the right opportunity at the right moment. It also becomes difficult to outshine the cut throat competition in bigger cities as the competition is massive as compared to small towns. Thus, the probability of succeeding without any special training becomes minuscule. Students are compelled to spend countless hours in gloomy classrooms to achieve academic excellence. It is true that achieving a good score should be the top priority of every student. Although, the need of an excellent mark sheet sadly ends at the door of an interview room. A person needs to be confident and must possess a refined personality as well. In Metropolitan cities, students should be dynamic and competition ready. The age old factoids must be avoided and students should be equipped with the necessary skill sets.

Need of a communication skill program:

Communication skill is the utmost important skill for any professional. The children who are in schools and colleges will be the torch bearers of the world in the coming decades. Letting them pass their school and college life without giving them appropriate training of communication and interpersonal skills is the biggest fallacy of the education system. Through personality development program, this error of the system can be rectified.

Need of a life management program:

A imbalanced routine, stress related issues, improper success plan and anger related issues are some of the problems that are endemic in the metropolitan cities. Thus, the need of Life Management classes further increases. Keeping the current scenario of stress related cases in Indian students, introduction of classes like Time Management, Stress Busters, and Happiness becomes quintessential. Lack of concentration is one of the biggest problems faced by children living in metropolitan cities. An individual loses focus when the mind is troubled or occupied with countless thoughts. With the introduction of happiness program, children learn to live in the present. Thus, the concentration improves and they become more attentive to details. This is the age of gadgets and technological advancements. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, the craze among people has skyrocketed. Currently, school and college students have become the emperors who are ruling the smartphone market. It has led to problems like gadget addiction, lethargy, lack of concentration, obesity and anger related issues. Students should be given sessions on Life Management so that they become individuals with both inner and outer accomplishments.

Need of career awareness:

Our children burn the midnight oil for years during their school and college life. It is ironical that at times they do not even know that for which goal they are preparing. Career Awareness or counseling through psychometric tests, aptitude test and one to one counseling sessions is the need of the hour. It is sad to know that in India there are only 500 career counselors for every 1.5 million students. This stat needs immediate attention. We should start with our metropolitan cities so that even students from nearby towns and villages can get advantage of career counseling.

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