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New books to be released in the month of November

New books to be released in the month of November
on Nov 13, 2019
New books to be released in the month of November
November is the happiest month for all the book lovers as most of the literature festivals are happening this month. But that’s not all about this month, five brand new books are coming to rule over the heart of every book lover. From our prime minister’s biography to Sudha Murty’s much-awaited book, ready to hit the bookshelves. “Being Radha” by Tripti Sharan All know the true love of Krishna and Radha. We know the beauty of their love. We know the small silly fights between them which show the naughtiness in their love. Many television programs are telecasting the beautiful love story, but did anyone ever thought that there could be another view of knowing the pure love between them? begin Krishna’s true love was the only truth of Radha’s existence? Her beauty, her mischievous and playful nature was the only way of knowing Radha? “Being Radha” is the story of Radha by her perspective, the story of Radha in her voice. story of one of the greatest saga, from the view of Radha. “The Gopi Diaries” by Sudha Murty A book which narrates the whole story from a dog’s point of view. Yes! you get it right; the story is from a dog’s point of view that how he sees the world around him and how he builds up each character in his way. The story is in Sudha Murty’s unique style and talks about the simple basic values from a dog’s viewpoint. It’s a delight for all the kids as their parents because it’s going to be fun to read a story like this. “Turbulence and Triumph: The Modi Years” by Rahul Agarwal and Bharathi S Pradhan 16th Lok Sabha election gave us the unmatchable Narendra Modi as the new face of India’s Prime Minister. Whether a ‘Bhakat’ or a Modi-baiter cannot just deny one fact that 26th May 2014 has changed the face of India. His Journey inspires and attracts the authors to pen down his life in their books. A politician, a leader, a speaker, and the ascetic committed to the idea of a new India. a collection of photographs, Turbulence, and Triumph tells the story about the journey of a remarkable leader who rules the country with his ideology of a new India. “The Panama Papers” by Ritu Sharma An exciting piece of work by award-winning journalist Ritu Sharma is about the untold India story of the Trailblazing Global Offshore Investigation. The book talks about the most ambitious media investigations that shock the world with its outcome. The book is now available for pre-order on the e-commerce websites and soon will be available in the market. It will be published under the Vintage Imprint who is known to bring out some of the world’s most thought-provoking and powerful books. “Taboo” by Nirmala Govindarajan It is a fiction story that tells about the exploitation of little souls under the trafficking networks and its resilient survivors across India. Author Nirmala Govindarajan narrates the disturbing trafficking crime story. The story emerges the questioning the intent of our society and political organizations to stop this and the utter disregard for such questions in our democracy.

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