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New book on social reforms by Dalit thinkers

New book on social reforms by Dalit thinkers
on Apr 13, 2021
New book on social reforms by Dalit thinkers
A new book on the life and times of Dalit thinkers, who fought injustice all their lives and are an inspiration to many, will soon be released. Aptly titled 'Makers of Modern Dalit History', the book is co-authored by Sudarshan Ramabadran and Guru Prakash Paswan. 'Makers of Modern Dalit History' tells the stories of 18 18 historical and contemporary dalit personalities including Guru Ravidas, Valmiki, B R Ambedkar, BKR Narayanan, Soyarabai among others making it an important read. The book aims to educate and enhance present-day reader's perception and understanding of the Dalit community at large. Co-author Paswan said, according to PTI, This (book) can help India and her citizens make sense of the present. Dalit-led empowerment can be envisioned and put into practice if we are well read about the contribution of these personalities. Talking about the book, Ramabadran said, according to PTI, Writing 'Makers of Modern Dalit History' has been a liberating experience. Dalit literature remains dynamic and evolutionary, the book is a humble addition to that. The India story is incomplete without understanding their contributions, hence it is an attempt to mainstream their life, legacy and draw some life lessons...They have remained steadfast to attain a socially cohesive society. As a student of the personalities, they have become constant companions. I hope the book will be a companion to the reader. Published by Penguin Random House India, 'Makers of Modern Dalit History' will is expected to release on April 12.

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