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Need a New Spring Read? TikTok’s Bookfluencers Are Here to Help

Need a New Spring Read? TikTok’s Bookfluencers Are Here to Help
on Apr 01, 2021
Need a New Spring Read? TikTok’s Bookfluencers Are Here to Help
TikTok, an app dominated by Gen Z, is the place for a lot of things: You can discover emerging designers, partake in dance challenges, watch beauty tutorials, and even stream fashion shows. But there’s another space on TikTok that’s also taking off—let’s call it BookTok. Digital book clubs are increasing in popularity on the app. Various “bookfluencers” are creating content around their favorite reads, and developing accounts that are strictly devoted to book talk. There’s a page for virtually everyone’s tastes—whether you’re a mystery lover or diehard rom-com reader—and each is the perfect place to find a review on a book you’ve been eyeing, or maybe even rediscover some favorites. The power of #BookTok is not to be underestimated: Some TikTok book accounts, like @alifeofliterature, have featured old books and propelled them back onto best-seller lists; proving that Gen Z’s appetite for books is very much alive. READ | The Best Reviewed Books of the Month Navigating the app can be a tiresome feat—there’s so much to discover!—but fear not: we at Vogue have rounded up a selection of BookTok pages that are well worth a follow. Spring is the perfect time to pick up a new book, after all—there are tons of new releases this season—so what are you waiting for? Below, the 8 book influencers to know. @alifeofliterature Followers: 212,000 Why to follow: This page has a fun, curated take on book recommendations. Videos are broken down into categories like “books that will give you major flashbacks,” “books that made my world stop,” and “oh, you haven’t read the classics yet.” There’s a book suggestion for everything, no matter what you’re in the market for. @thebooksiveloved Followers: 209,000 Why to follow: This bookfluencer’s quick-fire book reviews are entertaining and honest. She’ll take a book like Angeline Boulley’s Firekeeper’s Daughter and entice you to pick it up. She also offers handy tips on how to save money when buying books. @the.ones.about.books Followers: 82,000 Why to follow: This BookTok page is less service-based, and more about funny takes on being a book lover in general (including the anti-social tendencies). The user also rates book covers by “how many shots it would take” for her to hook up with them.   @abbysbooks Followers: 288,000 Why to follow: This book devotee frequently offers her recommendations, and makes funny TikToks about trying to find comfortable positions to read in and what happens after she’s done with a novel (hint: fan art is involved). @epic_reads Followers: 49,000 followers Why to follow: This page’s tagline is “I like big books and I cannot lie,” need we say more? Its TikToks are broken down by categories such as “books with a strong female lead,” “books for true crime podcast fans,” and cheekier ones like “books to read based off your favorite baked goods.” @aaliyahreads Followers: 78,000 Why to follow: This bookfluencer’s series of book pet peeves is a highlight (one is when fans get mad about the casting of a TV adaptation; another, when people get mad about breaking book spines). She also rounds up books that made her cry and that have major plot twists. @aymansbooks Followers: 193,000 Why to follow: Her page’s tagline is “shut up and read,” and its TikToks give you everything you need to do so. She has highlighted books with Middle Eastern and Southern Asian representation, and also made comical videos about her bookshelf organization obsession. @24hourlibrary Followers: 37,000 Why to follow: This page works a bit like a 24-hour librarian who’s always around to help with a suggestion. Plus, the user gives advice on how to read multiple books at once and how to get a copy of a book before it’s released. Source: vogue.com 

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