NASA launches 150 images of Earth from space at night in the form of an Ebook

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We all love the beauty of the sky and at some point in our childhood, we all had this feeling of becoming an astronaut and wanted to see how our mother earth looks from the universe. 

At least we all have tried to imagine it while spending the night looking at the sky.

NASA has finally provided a set of 150 images in the form of new Ebook which will shape our childhood imaginations in better form.

This new collection from NASA is called “Earth at Night’. It consists of breathtaking pictures of our planet’s nightlights.

According to NASA, “Coastline, bodies of water recognizable by their dark silhouettes, and the faint tendrils of roads and highways emanating from the brilliant blobs of light that are our modern, well-lit cities.” 

They added, “These images paint an expansive and revealing picture, showing how humans have illuminated and shaped the planet in profound ways since the invention of the light bulb 140 years ago”. The book will tell a story about the planet and their nightlife. It will also lay emphasis on how “humans and natural phenomena light up the darkness.” 

This Ebook collection will introduce our planet to the readers in a mesmerizing form. The planet they always imagine to see. 

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