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Muscat Will Host The World's Largest Floating Book Expo.

The world's largest floating book fair typically stays in each port for roughly two weeks and welcomes hundreds of visitors each day.
on Jul 04, 2023
Muscat will host the world's largest floating book expo. | Frontlist

MUSCAT: Logos Hope, the world's largest floating book fair, will arrive in the Sultanate of Oman on July 13 from Manama, Bahrain, nearly ten years after their last visit.

The ship will dock in Muscat from July 13 to 24, before heading for Salalah, where it will be stationed from July 27 to August 3.

The ship's recent visit to Muscat was in October 2013, and the ship's first visit was in January 2011. It had also visited Salalah in January 2011 on that visit.

After wrapping up its tour to Oman on August 3 in Salalah, Logos Hope will travel to Victoria, Seychelles, where it will stay from August 10 to 17, before proceeding to Mombasa, Kenya.

The world's largest floating book fair typically stays in each port for roughly two weeks and welcomes hundreds of visitors each day. Every year, around one million visitors are welcomed on board the ships.

The ship is free to board and contains books of various genres and disciplines, such as science, sports, food, arts, medicine, languages, and faith, as well as children's titles, academic texts, dictionaries, and atlases.

The floating book fair includes over 5,000 volumes, giving many people their first chance to buy quality books.

Visitors can learn about the Logos Hope's history through a brief documentary and interactive displays in the welcome area, as well as visit the on-board cafe.

The German non-profit group Good Books for All (GBA) operates the nautical book fair, which began in 1970 with the purchase of the original Logos.

Since then, they have visited 480 different ports in over 150 countries, welcome 49 million visitors. The group that will be visiting Oman is made up of almost 350 volunteers from over 65 different countries.

The Logos Hope community is recognised as a true representation of worldwide kindness and understanding, with so many different countries represented on board.

The crew and staff are entirely unpaid volunteers, including numerous professionals such as mariners, engineers, electricians, nurses, teachers, and cooks. Crew members can serve on board thanks to sponsorship from friends, family, and civic organizations.

Teams leave the ship to visit hospitals, schools, orphanages, and prisons, delivering aid and providing community care. In each port, the ship's crew and employees collaborate with community groups to bring hope and love to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

Although the ship's primary mission is to aid the port towns, those on board benefit personally throughout their time on board. A systematic training programme combined with work experience and cross-cultural interactions provides valuable opportunities for crew members to learn new skills and develop character.

With individuals from so many different cultures living and working together harmoniously in such a tiny area, the unique living environment provides many obstacles, and life on board is a daily exercise in changing, adapting, and learning to respect the diversity of others. Crew members are united in their goal of bringing knowledge, assistance, and hope to the port communities they serve around the world.

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