Mom starts Kickstarter campaign to help publish children’s book

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A Northampton County mom is on a mission to help children who are fighting through a serious illness and facing surgery.

Teacher and author Jennifer Gladen had her children’s book “Angel Donor” published by Guardian Angel Publishing in 2012.

The book was inspired by her daughter Jackie who was four years old at the time. Jackie was battling a condition known as Bilary Atresia and was also in need of a liver transplant.

The story explains what it’s like to stay at a hospital and get surgery when you are a child.

Guardian Angel Publishing closed in 2020, but Gladen says the story she needs to tell is not over. She is publishing a second edition of the book on her own.

She says it’s important to keep the story going and recalls what inspired her to originally publish the book nine years ago.

“I wanted to read her something and there really wasn’t anything out there I was looking for. I wanted something to walk her through from when she gets the call to being discharged from the hospital. So that’s what Angel Donor is. It helps prepare the children for that experience.”


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