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Frontlist | Meghan Markle might be ready to write a book of her own

Frontlist | Meghan Markle might be ready to write a book of her own
on Feb 05, 2021
Frontlist | Meghan Markle might be ready to write a book of her own

Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex say her half-sister’s supposed tell-all has “barely registered on her radar.”

When Samantha Markle revealed that she was releasing a tell-all book about life as the sister of the Duchess of Sussex’s sister, tabloids claimed that Meghan Markle broke down in tears and felt “sick to her stomach.”

Out this week, the book claims to expose the “hidden truths” about Meghan’s family promising readers that the “truth is stranger than fiction.” But according to sources close to the Duchess, Meghan is neither tearful nor worried about the book, which has “barely registered on her radar,” according to one friend who spoke to Vanity Fair. “Meghan has not seen Samantha for years so the idea that she is worried about the book is nonsense. Meghan barely knows Samantha, they haven’t seen each other for nearly 20 years.” Meghan last saw her Florida-based half-sister in 2008, but that has not stopped Samantha from giving interviews about Meghan and making judgements about her new life as a royal. The book, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: Part 1, is out now from Central Park South Publishing, a small press founded in 2020. Given the snippets of the book reported thus far, it’s just as well that Meghan has no plans to read it. With allegations that Meghan is “controlling” and that she has behaved disrespectfully towards the Queen and the Royal Family, it wouldn’t make for comfortable reading. In the book Samantha claims that she collaborated with a paparazzi to stage pictures that would portray her father, Thomas Markle, in a more honest light. When those photos of him in Mexico were revealed to be staged, they set off a media storm that led to Thomas pulling out of Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry.
Writing about Meghan’s relationship with her father, Samantha alleges that Meghan was “mean” on the phone to her father as soon as Harry left the room. In one passage, Samantha recalls how her father sounded upset when she had called to check in with him in the lead up to the wedding. “I said, ‘Dad, what’s going on, what’s wrong?” she writes. “He said, ‘This is really weird, she’s not the same. When Harry is in the room, she is very sweet and a different person, but when he steps out of the room, she is mean and controlling.’” Samantha, 56, also claims the Royal Family should have postponed the wedding so that Thomas Markle could be included. “The Royals couldn’t postpone the wedding so that my father could be included, and I knew it was not unreasonable that they reschedule, given resources available to make that happen.”
Samantha, who suffers from MS and is in a wheelchair, has revealed she is already working on a second book. Meanwhile Vanity Fair has been told that Meghan is also considering writing a book and has had numerous approaches and lucrative offers from respectable publishing houses. “Meghan has some very serious book deals on the table,” added the friend. “They are all up for consideration.”   Source: Vanity Fair

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