Marvel Comics Hints At The Hulk’s Horrifying True Origin Story

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Marvel Comics  is going far back in the past to explain how the Hulk and gamma monsters came to be. In new previews for The Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters, readers are taken back tens of thousands of years to the time where the Green Door was first opened. Keeping the tone of The Immortal Hulk series, this new look at the one-shot proves to be quite horrifying.

Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s run on the Immortal Hulk is nearing the end, as the iconic horror series will go down as one of the single best runs on the character ever. The series has redefined the Hulk, introducing a number of new elements to the character. The series revealed Hulk is immortal while introducing the Green Door – located in the deepest part of Hell and overseen by the One Below All. The door is the original source of power for all gamma-infected mutates. The next chapter in the series will showcase the first time the Green Door has ever been opened.

In new previews for The Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters #1 by Ewing, Alex Pakndael, David Vaughan, Juan Ferreyra, and Kevin Nowlan, the story is shown to take place in 9,500 BCE in Jordan. It’s there that a young boy named Tammuz and an elder oversee the eye of a deity named the Mother Goddess, which is green and glowing inside a crater full of skeletons. Everything that’s attempted to go near the eye has been killed.

Hulk Origin

The elder tells Tammuz that the ancestors spoke to him and in order to return the seasons to the wasteland, he says they demand a sacrifice. He kicks Tammuz into the crater. The boy’s eyes immediately glow green and the eye of Mother Goddess is activated. As he mutates, Tammuz sees the Green Door open and spots someone else on the other side of it.

Hulk Origin
Hulk Origin

The solicit for The Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters reveals the mutated boy will be the first gamma mutate to open the Green Door. But the question remains, what’s on the other side? Is it the Mother Goddess? The One Below All? It seems for readers seeking answers to the mystery behind the Green Door, the one-shot will provide answers and give insight into how the first and ensuing Hulks came to be in the Marvel Universe. Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters #1 is in comic book stores next week.

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