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Marvel Comics Confirms Vision Still Doesn't Understand How Doors Work

Marvel Comics Confirms Vision Still Doesn't Understand How Doors Work
on May 25, 2021
Marvel Comics Confirms Vision Still Doesn't Understand How Doors Work
Vision is one of the most intelligent beings in Marvel Comics, but there are still plenty of simple concepts that he fails to comprehend. Despite having a literal computer for a brain, the Avenger still struggles with using doors correctly. Fans of the MCU may recall Vision’s door problem from Captain America: Civil War. Early in the film, Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) is consoling Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) after a mission gone awry when Vision (Paul Bettany) phases into the room through a wall. Surprised by his sudden entrance, the two heroes direct their attention toward Vision, and Wanda chastises him for being rude. Vision replies that since the door was open, he assumed it wouldn’t be a problem, but quickly gives up on his excuse and delivers some information for Steve before exiting through the door. Though it’s not Vision’s most memorable MCU moment, it helps show that he doesn’t quite have a grasp on human boundaries. Unfortunately, Marvel just proved that Vision hasn’t learned his lesson, as he repeats this incident in Danny Lore, Luciano Vecchio, Clayton Cowles, and Federico Blee’s Champions #7. The story focuses on the young team of heroes as they take on Roxxon, a corrupt corporation that has been advocating against underage crime fighters. In an attempt to restore the company’s image, Roxxon released a new social media app for teenagers, but the Champions aren’t convinced that the corporation has gone good. Sending Spider-Man and Nova undercover to apply for the company’s internship, the rest of the team works behind the scenes to learn more about the new app.
As the two most adept with technology, Riri Williams and Viv Vision work together at Viv’s house, attempting to uncover the app’s dark secrets. While they work, they keep getting interrupted by Vision, who continually pops his head through the wall to check in on them and to ask if they want food. This makes it difficult for the teammates to get much done, seeing as they have practically no privacy, even with the door closed. Given Vision’s excuse when he barged in on Captain America and Scarlet Witch in Civil War, his behavior here is hard to justify. After all, he should definitely know by now that closed doors mean people want privacy and that people are more comfortable with him walking through doors rather than phasing through walls. For a computer who regularly interacts with people, it’s surprising that Vision hasn’t picked up on these patterns of behavior, but hopefully he’ll figure it out with time. Champions #7 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores and online.

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