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Marvel: 10 Strangest Friendships In Scarlet Witch Comics

Marvel: 10 Strangest Friendships In Scarlet Witch Comics
on Apr 12, 2021
Marvel: 10 Strangest Friendships In Scarlet Witch Comics
WandaVision was a powerful showcase for the friendship and romance between the Scarlet Witch and The Vision. But Wanda Maximoff has many other friendships in Marvel Comics, many of them equally strange in nature. Some have been depicted in the MCU, but many have not. Wanda is, at heart, a caring person who tends to get along with everybody, but she also has a fair share of enemies that she has nevertheless found common ground with. Wanda's friendships often reflect her own strange journey from villain to hero and back again and finding the good in others often leads to Wanda seeing the good in herself.

Scarlet Witch & The Vision

The romance of Scarlet Witch and The Vision is one of the greatest in Marvel Comics, and it's built on one of the strangest friendships on the Avengers. On the surface, Wanda and Vision don't seem to be a natural fit, given she's a mutant and he is a synthezoid. But they have both found humanity in each other. Their love and support of each other have been defining features of their lives, and though their relationship has endured a great deal of tragedy, they remain supportive and caring of one another through it all.

Scarlet Witch & Captain Marvel

One of Wanda's closest friendships among the Avengers is with Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. The two don't have a lot in common, with Carol being fairly headstrong and Wanda often taking a backseat in matters, but they've both been instrumental in supporting each other. Wanda stood up for Carol when the Avengers wanted to dismiss her from the team for her issues around alcohol. Carol tried repeatedly to bring Wanda back into the fold after the disastrous events of House Of M, something that has yet to really happen, even 15 years later.

Scarlet Witch & Iron Man

Iron Man and Scarlet Witch are friends and colleagues, but it's a strange friendship. Tony Stark is a businessman with a healthy ego, and he dislikes magic. Wanda is a powerful magician who tends to think of others first, yet they've been friends in the comics for years. It was actually Tony Stark who drafted Wanda and her brother, Quicksilver, into the Avengers back in the '60s. He was leaving the team at the time and interviewing replacements. His faith in Wanda and her brother led her to The Vision, one of Stark's closest friends on the team.

Scarlet Witch & Captain America

Captain America and the Scarlet Witch are an unlikely pair, given their respective backgrounds. But Wanda's genuine warmth and desire to always improve herself made an impression on Steve Rogers, who vouched for the former villain to become an Avenger. READ | Indian-American, 5, Reads 36 Books Nonstop In 105 Minutes, Sets Record Steve Rogers always respected and trusted Wanda, and that never wavered, even after her terrible actions in both Avengers: Disassembled and House Of M. They were also briefly a couple, but have always remained friends.

Scarlet Witch & Rogue

The friendship between the Scarlet Witch and Rogue is one of the most unlikely X-Men friendships and one of the most unlikely in all of comics. The two have been bitter enemies in the past and Rogue harbored intense hate for Wanda in the aftermath of House Of M. The two found themselves teammates on the Uncanny Avengers, but tensions boiled over to the point Rogue killed Wanda. The Avengers brought her back and this led to an awakening on Rogue's part. The two became friendlier after, and Rogue would try and be a comfort to Wanda.

Scarlet Witch & Agatha Harkness

In the MCU, Wanda and the sorceress, Agatha Harkness are enemies. But in the comics, they're friends. That's complicated by their history, which includes Wanda killing Agatha after discovering that Agatha put a spell on Wanda to make her forget her children ever existed. The two reconciled after Agatha returned as a ghost, but their relationship remains strange. It had an unlikely beginning too, with the powerful witch taking Wanda under her wing and tutoring her in the ways of magic.

Scarlet Witch & Hawkeye

In the MCU, it seems Hawkeye might be Wanda's closest friend outside of The Vision. In the comics, that's less the case. The two are friends, but it's based largely on professional respect and is complicated by some painful events in recent years. Early on, Clint Barton had a crush on Wanda, but that never really went anywhere, as she fell in love with Vision. Later, they became friends, but during Avengers: Disassembled, one of the comics that inspired WandaVision, Wanda actually killed Clint.

Scarlet Witch & Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch don't have much of a friendship, as their paths have rarely crossed in the comics. The few times they have, they've gotten along, for the most part, despite having next to nothing in common. They do have one thing in common: the Marvel supervillain, Mephisto. Both Wanda and Peter have suffered mightily at the hands of Mephisto. Wanda lost, it seemed, both her children to him when it was revealed that Tommy and Billy Maximoff were magical constructs made from fragments of Mephisto's soul. Spider-Man sacrificed his marriage to Mephisto to save Aunt May in One More Day.

Scarlet Witch & Jean Grey

The only strange thing about the friendship between Wanda and Jean Grey is that there is so little of it. Two of the most powerful people in existence, they were little more than acquaintances before the 2011 comic book X-Men: First Class, which retold the X-Men origin in a new light. Their friendship is detailed in backup stories in the comic, written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Colleen Coover. The two bond over shopping and coffee, with the fish out of water Wanda leaning on Jean hard to try and fit in.

Scarlet Witch & Doctor Strange

Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange share one thing in common: they are both among the most powerful magicians in the Marvel universe. Beyond that, their friendship is a little odd, given Strange is focused entirely on order and Wanda's power and life are rooted in chaos magic. Yet they have formed a bond in recent years. Strange has become something of a mentor and friend, guiding Wanda on her journey to recovery in the aftermath of the cataclysmic events of House Of M. It seems likely he will play a similar role in the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Source:  screenrant  

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