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Major Publishing Houses to Attend the New Delhi World Book Fair 2023

The NBT will debut a brand-new project at the 2023 New Delhi World Book Fair to support published children's authors.
on Dec 30, 2022
Major Publishing Houses to Attend the New Delhi World Book Fair 2023

The National Book Trust, India, a self-governing organization of the Government of India under the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the India Trade Promotion Organization, will host the New Delhi World Book Fair, which will draw significant participation from well-known publishing houses across the globe and provide an ideal outlet to the intellectual and publishing world of South Asia. 

The dates are set for February 25 through March 5, 2023. The recently constructed Halls 2-5 GF in the conveniently placed Pragati Maidan in New Delhi will be used to host the event. 

The New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), which is taking place near where Indian publishing is at this time, will be offering attendees a fantastic opportunity to start doing business with the rapidly developing book sector. This session is also a great place to discuss advertising, co-publication ideas, and business

Surprisingly, and with a really intelligent approach, the National Book Trust will dedicate an area to Published Child Authors, where the young writers will have the opportunity to debate ideas, share their sources of inspiration, and engage one-on-one with authors they look up to. The kid authors will find this to be a fascinating chance to truly comprehend how literature functions. 

Additionally, spaces in the Events Corner for literary programs and workshops, book launches, and panel discussions should be reserved by embassies, international mentors, and cultural institutions. Both adults and children will be able to use this.

The NBT will debut a brand-new project at the 2023 New Delhi World Book Fair to support published children's authors.

Given the creatively designed Authors' Sections in numerous Book Fair rooms, book launches for major publishers, panels, and lively debates will all take place on a whole new platform. Going through stacks of books in such beautifully designed areas would give bookworms a whole different atmosphere. Lekhak Manch and Sahitya Manch, to mention a couple, will be areas for people to congregate and engage in passionate literary activities.

The New Delhi Rights Table facilitates B2B match-making showdowns between publishers in a revitalizing new business culture, which is one of the fair's most intriguing features. This unusual setup enables exhibitors to reserve their Rights Table, mingle with attendees, present their ideas, as well as finalize their plans and interests for the "transfer of translation" and many other rights of books that are possible in Hindi, English, and other languages. The dates for this concept are February 27 and 28, 2023.

Expect a variety of exercises and activities promoting children's reading habits, including street plays, recitations, skits, storytelling, and dramas. They are conducted at a prestigious Children's Pavilion. These events are organized by renowned authors and academic mentors from distinguished academic organizations, and they draw substantial participation from kids as well as instructors from both private and public schools.

The transaction is not over yet! The NBT also offers cultural shows by eminent organizations in the industry, such as Sahitya Kala Parishad, Song and Drama Division, etc., to increase the fun factor of the New Delhi World Book Fair. The cultural shows that have already been conducted have earned high praise and a good deal of recognition, particularly from overseas exhibitors and participants.

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