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Maharashtra to have a ‘village of books’ in every district

on Jan 10, 2022

A village of books inspired by the renowned town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales, the U.K., will before long be found in each region of Maharashtra. The drive follows a fruitful pilot project sent off in May 2017 in the town of Bhilar close to the slope station of Mahabaleshwar. The undertaking tries to promote Marathi books and support the understanding propensity.

The State government's Marathi Language Department on January 4 gave a goal declaring the 'Town of Books, Bhilar' plan to come up in one town of each area. In the primary period of the plan, six such towns will be set up in each income division. In the subsequent stage, each area will have one such town. Subsidizing of ₹197.90 crore will be spent on the task.

Choice standards expect towns to be associated with the travel industry, secured landmarks and journeys, or destinations of abstract significance, authentic importance, or as focuses of agro-the travel industry. Towns known for their social commitment, tranquil conjunction and tidiness will be focused on, on the off chance that inhabitants are prepared to coordinate and take an interest.

The village Gram Panchayat can make accessible the fundamental space (at least ten rooms of 250 sq. ft. each is required), water, power, sterilization, and so on The proprietors of the rooms will be answerable for their support. A month to month report on them will be put together by the town level body to the State government.

An eight-advisory group headed by the Minister of Marathi Language will administer the venture's execution. A Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Marathi Language will be the part secretary.

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