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Lulu.com, an Online Publishing Pioneer, has Launched Tilt Publishing, an Imprint Designed for Content Entrepreneurs

Tilt Publishing offers bespoke book solutions for content entrepreneurs, enabling direct sales strategies and reducing platform dependency.
on Apr 16, 2024
Lulu.com, an Online Publishing Pioneer, has Launched Tilt Publishing, an Imprint Designed for Content Entrepreneurs | Frontlist

Following the acquisition of The Tilt, a media brand aimed to full-time content creators, Lulu.com has launched a new book publishing label tailored particularly to that audience. Tilt Publishing will offer a bespoke solution to newsletter publishers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other content entrepreneurs, allowing them to publish paper books, eBooks, and audiobooks while also leveraging those products as growth drivers. Tilt Publishing's key difference is that it provides authors with the tools they need to take advantage of direct sales, which will future-proof their brand against algorithms and platform dependency. Publishing a book portrays the author as an expert in their field, therefore they should be able to communicate directly with their intended audience.

Matt Briel, VP of Marketing, adds, "A "direct-to-reader" sales strategy benefits the content entrepreneur's firm greatly since it allows them to custom tailor the buyer experience while also collecting vital data along the route. Neither of these options are available when selling books through traditional internet retailers and physical stores. This data is crucial for growing and sustaining their audience and brand while reducing their reliance on third-party platforms. Our goal is to complete all of the necessary steps to publish their book, allowing them to focus more on growing their business. With a focus on innovation, quality, and creative empowerment, we're redefining indie publishing standards."

Tilt Publishing's 2024 catalog already includes releases from famous content marketing providers such as Annie Schiffman, Austin L. Church, and Katie Brinkley. Joe Pulizzi, the "Godfather of Content Marketing," founder of the Content Entrepreneur Expo, and best-selling author, expands the Tilt catalog with his latest release, The Content Entrepreneur, a collaborative work including 33 of the world's finest content gurus. In accordance with Tilt Publishing's mission, each of these authors is selling directly to reap the benefits of owning the customer journey.

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