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Frontlist | Lucinda Saxton’s new book is a spellbinding work

Frontlist | Lucinda Saxton’s new book is a spellbinding work
on Feb 05, 2021
Frontlist | Lucinda Saxton’s new book is a spellbinding work

Recent release “Twice upon a Time” from Page Publishing author Lucinda Saxton is gripping and potent portrait of the difficult life of a hardworking and talented Cherokee teenager making her way in a majority-white village at the turn of the last century and her descendants, who succeed in making their own marks by following the Holy Spirit within.

Lucinda Saxton has completed her new book “Twice upon a Time”: a poignant and evocative tale that keeps the pages turning through its heartwarming conclusion.

Lucinda writes, “Inspired by true events, ‘Twice upon a Time’ begins during the aftermath of the Trail of Tears, a journey when our government treated honorable people as viruses to be exterminated.

In this instance, Cherokee Native Americans: they had followed laws, they had their own alphabet, they had a government so compelling it was copied by the interlopers.”

Ms. Saxton describes struggles and love stories handed down by fragments and educated guess involving two of her ancestors, stunning Winter Flower and gorgeous John John. Of the two, only John John is accounted for in the published first census of new arrivals in Oklahoma in 1839 “Cherokee Roots” (Western Rolls).

The true events within may act as a bridge between the quelling white “supposed patriots” and victimized people of color as Saxton also shines a lamp onto formerly rarely published facts of Martin Luther King’s 1960’s movement.

Heroes of “Twice Upon a Time” overcoming injustice, with God’s glorious guidance, brings the reader to new heights of resolution and inspiration.

Published by Page Publishing, Lucinda Saxton’s stirring tale is professed to be required reading for all incoming college freshman and an excellent choice for avid historical fiction readers.

    Source: PR Web

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