Lucifer Makes The Devil’s Weird Universe Part Of Show Canon

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There is not much overlap between Netflix’s Lucifer series and the Vertigo Comics’ series which inspired it, but a weird Easter egg involving centaurs has confirmed that an alternate universe from the comics exists within the reality of the show. This was rather unusual, as the show has made few references to the original comics, and describing it as being only loosely based on its source material would be an understatement. And yet, there are signs the show is adopting more of the comics’ mythology and plot, as it enters its final season with big plans.

The only thing Netflix’s Lucifer and the Lucifer comics share is a base concept; the Devil, having abandoned the throne of Hell, retires to Los Angeles and opens a nightclub called Lux. While the show is a police procedural dramedy, the comic is an urban fantasy in the same vein as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and centered around Lucifer’s efforts to build his own universe and keep it free of other divine influences. The show and comics also present drastically different visions of Lucifer Morningstar, with the Lucifer played by Tom Ellis being a self-centered hedonist and the comic version being aloof and restrained. Their only common trait as characters is a refusal to lie.

Netflix’s Lucifer made reference to the alternate universe that the comic book Lucifer constructed, near the end of the season 5 episode “Nothing Lasts Forever.” The episode found Lucifer trying to reconcile his parents, God and the Goddess of all Creation, who left reality to start her own universe in Lucifer‘s season 2 finale. With the aid of Gabriel, the messenger of the angels who could travel anywhere, Lucifer was able to contact his mother and arrange a meeting between his parents, during which they reconciled and God announced his intention to retire to his wife’s universe. Later, Gabriel described the Goddess’ universe as “pretty cool” before adding that “the centaurs freak me out, though.

While relatively few of the Lucifer comic’s 75 issues were set within the realm Lucifer created, it was established in several stories that it was a magical place and home to many races. This included a race of beings that were half human and half horse, who resembled the centaurs of classical Greek mythology and generally lived in peace with their “two-leg” neighbors. This is not the first time the show has teased this link, with Lucifer Morningstar having mentioned a dream where he ruled over “the centaur people” in the season 3 episode “The Angel of San Bernardino.”

While the mention of centaurs and another Creation means little by itself, it is part of an interesting trend in Lucifer season 5, part 2, where the show seemed to start introducing more elements of the comic books. Chief among these were the idea of God stepping down and allowing someone else to take over the management of the universe, and Mazikeen lobbying to become the new ruler of Hell; a position she eventually claimed in the 2015 Lucifer comic book series. This begs the question of what other ideas from the comics the show might incorporate into Lucifer season 6, though it would be impossible for it to have exactly the same ending given the completely different casts. It might be interesting, however, if the power of God ultimately winds up in the hands of a dead mortal, as it ultimately did in the Lucifer graphic novels.

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