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Frontlist | Long-time Red Deer educator launches first book

Frontlist | Long-time Red Deer educator launches first book
on Oct 24, 2020
Frontlist | Long-time Red Deer educator launches first book
The debut book from a long-time Red Deer teacher and counsellor goes on sale this Monday. ‘Super Miraculous Me!’ is based on a curriculum called EQ Evolution developed by Cheryl Wowk over her 45 years as an educator. Forty of those were spent in Red Deer. She retired three years ago. As described on her website, the ’empowering’ new book teaches kids to be super heroes and make positive, healthy choices using intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. “The theme behind it is based on all my years of experience working with kids, learning about their common issues and trying to address those in a way that sets them up for success,” says Wowk. “They then learn to self-regulate, manage their own issues, and feel good about themselves; we call that emotional intelligence.” Wowk says lessons touching on self-esteem, self-control, and the ability to regulate emotions are all woven into the story, and are valuable for both the children listening and parents reading.
“I find kids don’t enjoy doing worksheets, so what I do is very interactive, and the actual book teaches the child why they’re special, unique and a miracle,” she says. “It teaches them that they were born for a purpose, born to shine their light in the world and with others, treat others with kindness so they get kindness in return, and to not let negativity stick.” Copies of ‘Super Miraculous Me!’ can be purchased starting Oct. 26 at www.eqevolution.ca and through Amazon. Wowk will also do classroom readings, sell personalized copies of her book, and on Friday, Oct. 22 will hold a Zoom book launch at 10:30. For details, email wowk.eqevolution@gmail.com.  

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