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Loki: 10 Comic Storylines That Could Be Used In The Disney+ Show

Loki: 10 Comic Storylines That Could Be Used In The Disney+ Show
on May 21, 2021
Loki: 10 Comic Storylines That Could Be Used In The Disney+ Show
With Loki getting closer and closer to finally appearing on Disney+, fans are still wondering what to expect from the new series. The trailers have dropped several hints, most of which are incredibly open to interpretation. What is clear is that Loki is getting mixed up in some time-traveling shenanigans, and that means almost anything —from the MCU and beyond— is possible. Loki has been part of dozens of stories in the comics, some big and others small. But that doesn't make those smaller stories any less impactful. The core premise of Loki provides the opportunity to play many of these narratives out, some of which would be amazing to see on screen.

Acts Of Vengeance

While Loki has gotten up to no good in the comics on multiple occasions, Acts of Vengeance might be his crowning glory. In disguise, he convinced the various Marvel villains to trade heroes and fight them. This was mostly for his own personal amusement. It's an interesting storyline that could play out in the MCU with Loki manipulating the few villains who are still alive. It could be amusing to watch Thor fight the Abomination, though Zemo might want to steer clear of that situation and face off with Hawkeye.

Tricking Silver Surfer Into Fighting Thor

The Silver Surfer is one of those characters who fans have been waiting for in the MCU. While he didn't debut in the war against Thanos, fans are also hoping they won't have to wait until the Fantastic Four movie for him to arrive. Loki could be the spot. At one point in the comics, Loki manipulated the Silver Surfer into fighting Thor. Keeping in mind that the version of Loki in the Disney+ series is younger with enmity directed to his brother, he might be more inclined to send a threat like the Surfer his way.

The Classic Frog Thor Story

While Loki lusts for power and constantly seeks the throne of Asgard, his main motivation in the comics has long been to simply mess with Thor. And when those two goals dovetail together, it makes Loki a happy God of Mischief. One of the strangest stories was the odyssey of Loki turning Thor into a frog and sending him on an absurd journey involving a war between frogs and rats. This whole thing was even referenced in Thor: Ragnarok, but time-traveling Loki might end up revisiting the prank.

Accidentally Creating Wrecker

Loki doesn't always intentionally cause problems. A mix-up with one of his allies, named Karnilla the Norn Queen, ended with her giving powers to a former construction worker. He became a superpowered villain named Wrecker, who in turn created a villainous team named the Wrecking Crew. It would be beneficial to the MCU for this story to happen. Their overall world is lacking on regular villains as many of them don't survive the movie they debut in. Having the Wrecking Crew, or at least Wrecker, around could do wonders for the overall storytelling process.

The Trials Of Loki

Every hero and villain has an origin of some kind, even Loki. The Trials of Loki showed fans a bit more in-depth look at what turned him from being a fun-loving young god into being a murderous God of Mischief. Loki actually provides an excellent opportunity for him to explore those origins. He could easily travel back in time to re-experience those moments and give MCU fans the chance to see what motivates him to do what he does.

His Weird Feud With Deadpool

Every MCU Disney+ series and movie is saddled with endless online rumors and speculation as to when Mutants will make their debut. A likely candidate to make the first leap from the former Fox X-Men film universe is Deadpool. He's the only character who has had an MCU film firmly announced. But there is an extremely strange relationship between Loki and Deadpool in the comics. At one point, there was even a storyline that briefly indicated that Loki was Deadpool's father. Playing that out could be a fun way to bring Deadpool into the MCU.

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Not all comic book stories featuring Loki have taken printed form. Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers was a 2011 motion comic produced and released by Marvel Knights Animation. It featured Loki as the ruler of Asgard, trying to hold dominion over all of the nine realms. Traveling through time is not generally restricted to heading into the past. Loki could end up traveling into his own future, and finding the reality of Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers waiting for him. The only question is if he'll like what he sees.

Kid Loki Could Make His Debut

It's not uncommon for comic book characters to find themselves in some absurd storylines as time goes on. Loki is certainly no exception. At one point, he appeared to become his own younger self, though the truth of that situation was a lot more complicated. This could be a superb arc to watch play out in the Loki series on Disney+. It forced some heavy introspection on the God of Mischief, putting him in a position to learn more about himself and his place in the universe.

Loki: Agent Of Asgard

Part of young Loki's journey to being a better god was making up for his past sins against Asgard itself. The All-Mothers gave him the opportunity to become an Agent of Asgard, solving mysteries and defeating threats. Each time he did that, another sin was forgiven. This path of penance and contrition could be a great fit for the series. Working for the benefit of Asgard would be a much different experience for Loki, particularly for the version of him in this series who is from the period before he reconciled with Thor.

Lady Loki Arrives

After the events of Ragnarok, Asgard was gone. But Thor would return, and begin the process of rebuilding Asgard in Oklahoma. To be precise, several feet over Oklahoma. Loki would eventually return, as well, albeit in the body of Lady Sif. Based on what has been shown in the trailers for Loki, there is a distinct possibility that Lady Loki is on her way. Hopefully, this is the case as this iteration of Loki is both interesting and engaging, and is certainly a fan favorite. Source: cbr.com 

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