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Lockdown extension? May be yes, may be not

Lockdown extension? May be yes, may be not
on Apr 28, 2020
Lockdown extension? May be yes, may be not
The second lockdown ending date is approaching and there are a discussion and doubts in the air of the lockdown extension. Since the Covid-19 global pandemic has hit India, the government is taking safety measures by announcing the nationwide lockdown. The first phase of lockdown was announced by the Modi government on 24th March 2020. The second phase started on 15th April 2020. The second phase is about to end on 3rd May 2020 but there is a game of guessing going among the citizens that there are strong chances of lockdown extension phase 3!  
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with the ministers of states, in which five ministers out of nine strongly recommend the extension of lockdown.
The meeting was conducted as a video conference where state ministers have discussed the current situation with the honorable prime minister, Narendra Modi. Prime The educational institutions, shopping malls, religious places, and public transportation will still set to remain closed after 3rd May. The officials announced that the final decision for this lockdown will be taken on this weekend.   Indians fighting the pandemic in its best ways. No doubt that the nationwide lockdown is the perfect step taken by the Indian government at the right time. Hopefully, the final announcement will be happening on 3rd May. 

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