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Lifi Pulbications Pvt. Ltd. | Exhibitor | Delhi Book Fair 2022

on Aug 23, 2022
Lifi Pulbications Pvt. Ltd. | Exhibitor | Delhi Book Fair 2022

We are elated to welcome LIFI Publications as one of our Exhibitors at the Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2022.


About LiFi Publications

LiFi Publications is a new venture, but the hands behind it are not new – they all are old, experienced persons managing the nearly fifty-year-old DK House.

Seeking to contribute its little bit to literature, LiFi Publications proposes to bring out literary fiction of almost every genre including, for instance, stories, adventure stories, detective and mystery stories, fantasy stories, ghost stories, horror stories, humorous stories, love stories, paranormal romance stories, spy stories, crime stories, war stories, et al – and, besides these, novels of literary value: whether historical, political, social, religious, feminist, or the ones having strong elements of fantasy and suspense. In other words, any novel or work of fiction that bears LiFi’s imprint should have appeal for wider sections of readership.

LiFi’s has essentially twofold objectives:

                 (a)  to achieve literary excellence in whatever it publishes, and 
                 (b)  to do all to promote and popularize its authors and their works.

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