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Legendry Comics “Godzilla Dominion” and “Kingdom Kong” Prequel Graphic Novels Review

Legendry Comics “Godzilla Dominion” and “Kingdom Kong” Prequel Graphic Novels Review
on Apr 05, 2021
Starting with Godzilla Dominion , it is a wonderful piece of work that will convince any doubters that this medium is a perfect fit for the great green monsters. I have been a lifelong reader of Godzilla comics from his 90s days with Dark Horse comics (recommend) to his days with IDW (highly recommend) and Dominion is by far one of the best Zilla comics I have read since the Half Century War (run out and get this right now!). Godzilla Dominion succeeds because it dares to do what the films never seem to have the stomach to do: take the boring humans out of the picture and concentrate exclusively on the monsters. What remains feels like an epic nature documentary about gigantic monsters with a dramatic almost biblical sounding narrator, a sort of monster David Attenborough, expounding on the mighty deeds of Godzilla as we watch him tear his way through his kingdom. I know Hollywood will never bless me with an atmospheric, Planet Earth-type production of Godzilla, so I am grateful to writer Greg Keyes for making this the next best thing. Drew Edward Johnson’s artistic style works well with Keyes’ story, utilizing heavy black inking, and dynamic splash pages to constantly emphasize the massive size of these beasts.
Godzilla Dominion (Image: PR)
As for Kingdom Kong, it is also a fine piece of work, but in some ways, it fails to utilize the medium of comics in the way Dominion does. The humans are very much at the forefront of this story and anyone who has seen a monster movie knows that the human story can often be the most tricky aspect of such narratives to get right. The central drama involving a fighter pilot dealing with the demons of her past falls a little flat. In addition, the more photorealistic approach this comic uses doesn’t always quite land, but all that aside I must say that the monster designs Marie Anello has dreamed up, particularly that of the antlered ghost tiger in the first few pages, are undeniably badass.

This prequel really shines in the way that it connects to the events of Godzilla vs. Kong. It incorporates various characters from previous Monsterverse films like Dr. Houston Brooks from Kong: Skull Island and also introduces new faces like Ilene Andrews and the mysterious Jia who both play key roles in Godzilla vs. Kong. In addition, many questions about the Skull Island natives and the film’s hollow earth plot line are also helpfully illuminated.

Kingdom Kong (Image: PR)
Both of these comics in tandem with the film itself make for a truly exciting and cohesive multimedia event that is not to be missed by monster fans. Source: https://thegeekiary.com/

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