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Frontlist News | Learn the fundamentals of script writing at this online workshop

Frontlist News | Learn the fundamentals of script writing at this online workshop
on Sep 15, 2020
Frontlist News | Learn the fundamentals of script writing at this online workshop
Bangalore-based theatre actor, director and playwright Ram Ganesh Kamatham to conduct his second workshop covering scriptwriting fundamentals. This workshop covers scriptwriting fundamentals for anyone who wants to create a dramatic text - a stage play, a film script, a radio play, or a web series. Through the sessions, we will cover foundational ideas like how to craft plot, character, and dialogue. We will also work with myth, dreams and archetypes through the Hero’s Journey – a very popular industry format with screenwriters. A dramatic text can also be informed by painting and music, and we will gain insights from these forms of expression to enhance our ability to craft drama, says Ram who adds that research skills and sessions based on using kinaesthetic perception as a creative trigger will round off the basics. In the workshop, aspiring writers will learn how to complement their imagination and personal experience by sourcing real-world material to inspire our art. We also engage the body as a resource and learn the benefits of getting way from our desks, as much as we hope to cultivate the discipline of sitting at it! With a bit of training, we can make this work for us, adds Ram. The script writing fundamentals workshop is meant for writers working in any dramatic medium, primarily theatre, film, radio or digital. Some of the methods can also benefit those working in narrative fiction looking to fine tune an ear for dialogue or refine their plotting. Right from stand-up comics looking to generate material, through to screenwriters pitching for a web series, there will be something for everyone who wants to write a script. The workshop intensive is made up of six sessions of exercises, with sharing of tools and methods. There will be three interactive sessions which focus on supplementary tools and skills. A month-long mentoring session follows, where you can receive professional feedback on a script that you are working on, rewriting, or have created as an outcome of the workshop. All sessions will take place over Zoom. Each session will be two hours long.

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