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Frontlist | Lana Del Rey to come out with debut poetry book

Frontlist | Lana Del Rey to come out with debut poetry book
on Jul 17, 2020
Frontlist | Lana Del Rey to come out with debut poetry book

The collection features more than 30 poems, including Never to Heaven, The Land of 1,000 Fires, Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving, LA Who Am I to Love You?, Tessa DiPietro, Happy, Paradise Is Very Fragile and Bare Feet on Linoleum

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey will soon publish her debut book of poems, which she says are “eclectic and honest” and written in “authentic spirit”. The e-audio spoken word album of select poems from the book will be available on July 28 followed by the hardcover release in September, publishers Simon & Schuster announced. The collection features more than 30 poems, including “Never to Heaven”, “The Land of 1,000 Fires”, “Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving”, “LA Who Am I to Love You?”, “Tessa DiPietro”, “Happy”, “Paradise Is Very Fragile” and “Bare Feet on Linoleum”.
The hardcover edition showcases Lana’s typewritten manuscript pages alongside her original photography. In the audiobook, Lana reads 14 select poems accompanied by music from Grammy Award-winning musician Jack Antonoff.   https://twitter.com/SimonBooks/status/1281677772876918785?s=20 Lana said, “Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass” is the title poem of the book and the first poem she wrote of many. “Some of them came to me in their entirety, which I dictated and then typed out, and some that I worked laboriously picking apart each word to make the perfect poem. They are eclectic and honest and not trying to be anything other than what they are and for that reason, I’m proud of them, especially because the spirit in which they were written was very authentic.” Stuart Roberts, the senior editor at Simon & Schuster, acquired World English, first serial, and audio rights from CAA.
Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass will be published simultaneously with S&S UK, Canada, Australia, and India.
“Lana Del Rey is an era-defining artist. She is a mythmaker and auteur – a visionary who is capable of articulating and setting the mood of a cultural moment. Her poetry is deeply intimate and affecting. This is one of Lana’s most arresting projects yet,” said Roberts. Lana’s music has been noted by critics for its stylised cinematic quality, glamour, melancholia and its references to 1950s and 1960s Americana. Source: Indian Express Buy the audiobook from Amazon.in

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