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Katara Publishing House showcases array of new titles at DIBF 2022

on Jan 17, 2022

Katara Publishing House is showing north of 60 new books at the continuous Doha International Book Fair ( DIBF) 2022 at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.
"Consistently, we take part in the Doha International Book Fair. Katara Publishing House has various subjects and points for its books. We are zeroing in on fiction chiefly and there are in excess of 40 books this time. Altogether, we have in excess of 60 new books in plain view at the reasonable," Khalid al-Sayed, Director of Katara Publishing House and the Head of Culture and Events at Katara, told Gulf Times.
"The greater part of these made-up works were books submitted for Katara Publishing House's opposition for books. We give extremely alluring prizes for books, with QR640,000 altogether in different classifications. We have books in Arabic, English and French," al-Sayed added.
As per al-Sayed, Katara Publishing House delivers in excess of 40 books per year. "We likewise have books connected with Qatar, legacy, culture, sonnets and a few different subjects. Our books give a striking depiction of the subject they cover and feature every one of the applicable realities exhaustively," he noted.
The authority likewise said the current book reasonable is a unique one for a long time. "This year is exceptionally extraordinary for the book reasonable. This is the 50th year of the main book reasonable in Qatar. Doha International Book Fair is the most established book reasonable in the Gulf nations. It is additionally exceptional that this year around 400 distributers from 37 nations are participating in the reasonable," al-Sayed added.
He said the genuine strength of the current year's book reasonable is the gatherings and talks that are being held alongside the occasion. "We have various side exercises at the book reasonable. The talks and classes at the reasonable give incredible information about different parts of Arab culture and different themes to the members. There are additionally a few side occasions at the book reasonable that increase the value of the occasion," he added.

Source- gulf-times

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