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Kaivalya Prakashan, a New Delhi-based Book Publishing House by Ankit Dev Arpan, Founder of Writers Community

Kaivalya Prakashan, a new Delhi-based book publisher by Ankit Dev Arpan, supports emerging authors with comprehensive publishing services and innovative initiatives.
on May 20, 2024
Kaivalya Prakashan, a New Delhi-based Book Publishing House by Ankit Dev Arpan, Founder of Writers Community | Frontlist

The establishment of Kaivalya Prakshan provides a new option for writers wishing to get their work published, particularly new and aspiring authors. Founded by Ankit Dev Arpan, the publishing business seeks to give comprehensive support throughout the publishing process, from curation and design to marketing and release.

Catering to Diverse Needs.

Kaivalya Prakshan, a book publication agency, provides more than just ordinary publishing services. Recognizing the growing relevance of child-centered learning resources, the publishing house will prioritize the development of child pedagogy-based publications. These books will cater to children, teachers, and parents alike, encouraging a supportive learning environment.

Expanding Horizons for Young Talent.

Ankit Dev Arpan, the founder of Writers Community and Bizpulse Media, highlights Kaivalya Prakshan's dedication to developing emerging talent. The startup intends to establish a student-created magazine overseen by specialists. This initiative intends to encourage students to discover their writing talent and gain essential skills in the subject. Furthermore, a dedicated journal will be created to serve as a venue for the publication of well-researched scholarly papers.

Preparing Authors for Success

Ankita Kumari, co-director of the Delhi-based book publication agency Kaivalya Prakashan, emphasizes the growing relevance of creative writing and the critical role it plays in many facets of life. Recognizing this, Kaivalya Prakshan provides internship and training opportunities to students. 

These programs provide participants with the information and abilities necessary to negotiate the complexities of book writing, such as overcoming obstacles, proofreading, editing, designing, and publishing. Self-publishing alternatives will also be available to authors who want more control over their work.

Bridging Languages and Reaching New Audiences

Shilpi Kumari, CEO of "Kaivalya Prakashan", recognizes the enormous potential of translated literature. The publishing house understands that a well-written book can reach a larger audience when translated into other regional and international languages. She does, however, underline the need for professional and context-aware translators who can properly capture the spirit of the original work while preserving good sentence formation and thematic coherence. Kaivalya Prakshan intends to champion this method by presenting translated versions of outstanding literature in various languages.

Marketing Magic: Targeting the Right Readers

Chandra Bhushan, Manager at Kaivalya Prakashan, a Delhi-based book company, discusses the challenges of book marketing in the digital age. While many platforms have made publishing easier, many authors still face challenges in assuring error-free publications and developing effective marketing strategies. This is when Kaivalya Prakshan comes in. By using Biz Pulse Media's expertise, the publishing company will create and implement targeted marketing campaigns to increase book awareness, generate good referrals, and, ultimately, author recognition.

The guiding force: Ankit Dev Arpan.

Ankit Dev Arpan, the founder of Kaivalya Prakashan, offers a distinct viewpoint to the table. 

Arpan, a lawyer who specializes in cyber law and intellectual property rights, is from West Champaran, Bihar, and a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya graduate. He understands the value of podcasts in promoting authors and their works. Kaivalya Prakshan will create a supportive network for emerging writers by hosting podcasts and interviews in their Nirman Vihar East Delhi studio. For Podcast Shoots in Delhi, authors can easily connect with Kaivalya Publication.

Are you ready to publish?

Kaivalya Publication serves as a beacon of hope for ambitious authors looking to make their ambitions a reality. Those interested in publishing their work should contact the publishing business at 7903067204 to begin their creative adventure.

It is a new book publishing house in Delhi, the brainchild of the Indian freelance marketplace "Writers Community".

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