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Kabir Bedi Reveals in His Autobiography Parveen Babi Believed in Sexual Fidelity And He Fell in Love With Her

Kabir Bedi Reveals in His Autobiography Parveen Babi Believed in Sexual Fidelity And He Fell in Love With Her
on Apr 13, 2021
Kabir Bedi Reveals in His Autobiography Parveen Babi Believed in Sexual Fidelity And He Fell in Love With Her
Actor Kabir Bedi is all set to launch his autobiography, Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor. The book reveals his journey in Bollywood and his personal relationships. He also wrote about his failed marriage with Odissi dancer Protima Gupta and his relationship with Parveen Babi. Revealing that he had been in an open marriage with Protima and it did not make him happy. He also talked about how he ended his open marriage to be with Parveen Babi. Also Read - Pooja Bedi Finally Finds Mr Right in Maneck Contractor, Tweets Pic of Engagement Ring The excerpt from his book published by a leading daily read, “Our open marriage may have seemed like a good idea at first. In the end, it only caused me greater anxiety. It had led to a lack of intimacy between us. I didn’t feel the love that I wanted, the caring and sharing I needed. Nor was I able to give it. The old magic had gone. I was feeling alone, empty and dejected. Parveen Babi filled that void. She was a ravishingly beautiful actress with fair skin, long black hair and dark, mesmerising eyes. Until then, I’d always thought of her as ‘the girlfriend of Danny Denzongpa’. He was a good-looking Sikkimese actor, two years younger than me, a year older than Parveen. In the years ahead, he would become a highly successful villain in Bollywood and be nominated for many Filmfare Awards. Parveen began her rapid rise to stardom during their four years together. Her living openly with Danny, wearing jeans and smoking in public, had given her a bohemian image in India. But, morally, she was a conservative Gujarati girl. While the rest of the Juhu gang talked about the ‘free sex’ preaching of Guru Osho, she believed in sexual fidelity. It’s what I was looking for when I fell in love with her.” He further elaborated on how he told Protima that he had fallen in love with Praveen and told his wife how he have to be with Praveen every night. Revealing the intimate conversation, he wrote, “There was no easy way to break the news (to Protima). ‘I’m going over to Parveen’s tonight,’ I said softly when she came in. ‘Parveen’s!’ she repeated in surprise. I could see her computing what must have happened. ‘But I’ve only just arrived. Can’t you stay tonight at least?’ I shook my head. ‘No, I have to be with her tonight … and every night.’ In that moment, she realised that our relationship had changed forever. She let out a deep breath and looked at me. ‘Do you love her?’ I nodded, not without sadness. ‘Does she love you?’ she asked, her voice a notch higher. ‘Yes,’ I said gruffly, wanting to cry. I knew I was ending a relationship where we’d shared life-changing experiences together, happy and unhappy, moral and immoral, for six tumultuous years. But I didn’t want to show vulnerability. I had to be strong to end it. I held her by the shoulders to embrace her goodbye. She clung to me and burst out crying. Then she sat down on the bed and sighed deeply before she spoke. ‘Please leave me alone now,’ she said in a firm voice as tears welled in her eyes. ‘Leave me alone. Please go!’ Our ‘open marriage’ was over.” Kabir and Protima got divorced in 1977 and had a daughter together, actor Pooja Bedi. Parveen breathed her last in 2005 of multiple organ failure. Source: https://www.india.com/

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