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Frontlist | Captain america is the antithesis of Donald Trump

Frontlist | Captain america is the antithesis of Donald Trump
on Jan 14, 2021
Frontlist |  Captain america is the antithesis of Donald Trump

Neal Kirby, the son of comics legend Jack Kirby, has issued a statement in response to insurrectionists who stormed the United States Capitol last week in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the presidential election, after being egged by President Donald Trump and his circus sideshow of an inner circle last Wednesday. Jack Kirby co-created Captain America with Joe Simon in 1941. Some of the insurrectionists were carrying Captain America paraphernalia, including some with imagery of Donald Trump himself as the sentinel of liberty.

Kirby didn't take kindly to that and gave the following statement to CNN reporter Jake Tapper, who posted it on Twitter. Here's the statement in its entirety:

Statement to Insurrectionists:

My father, Jack Kirby, along with his partner Joe Simon, created Captain America in 1941. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of patriotism since the Spirit of 1776, Captain America has stood as a symbol and protector of our democracy and the rule of law for the past 79 years. He was created by two Jewish guys from New York who hated Nazis and hated bullies. Captain America stood up for the underdog, and, as the story was written, even before he gained his strength and prowess from Army scientists, always stood for what was righteous, and never backed down.

At 72, I have a fairly vivid personal memory of every political and cultural upheaval since Castro's revolution in the mid-1950's. Add to that my father's stories, and I could probably paint a picture of the battlefields of northern France surrounding the city of Metz in WWII as well. However, the events that transpired at our nation's Capitol on Jan. 6, an insurrection inspired and fomented by our own president, will be the event that haunts me forever.

While watching one of the horrific videos of the storming of the Capitol, I thought I noticed someone in a Trump/Capt. America t-shirt! I was appalled and mortified. I believe I even caught a quick glance of someone with a Captain America shield. A quick Google search turned up Trump as Captain America on T-shirts, posters, even a flag! These images are disgusting and disgraceful. Captain America is the absolute antithesis of Donald Trump. Where Captain America is selfless, Trump is self-serving. Where Captain America fights for our country and democracy, Trump fights for personal power and autocracy. Where Captain America stands with the common man, Trump stands with the powerful and privileged. Where Captain America is courageous, Trump is a coward. Captain America and Trump couldn't be more different.

My father, Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon, the creators of Captain America and WWII veterans, would be absolutely sickened by these images. These images are an insult to both their memories.

If Donald Trump had the qualities and character of Captain America, the White House would be a shining symbol of truth and integrity, not a festering cesspool of lies and hypocrisy.

Several of our presidents held the same values as Captain America. Donald Trump is not one of them.

Neal Kirby, Jack Kirby's son

Source: Bleeding Cool

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