Frontlist | Iran history book publishers to showcase latest offerings in virtual fair

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Over 1200 books by different publishers will be shown at the fair, which will be available on

The Publications of the Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies will be attending the fair with 100 titles, the director of the publishing house, Reza Qaribi, has said.

“Everybody knows that history is a great source of knowledge for society. There are many historical events that help people avoid deviation, the events are all lessons for humankind,” he said.

“If these events are analyzed and well clarified, they will surely be influential,” he added.

“The Holy Quran also bears such great events and if they are well clarified they can help man. Anyone who does not know about his/her past, is forced to repeat the past,” he added.

He also noted that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, had emphasized the need for working on the issue of the revolution in his speeches, and had asked for history to be written down in order to avoid any conflict of narrations.

“The great part about the history of the revolution is that it must be explained well to avoid further damage to the society,” he noted.

He called the book fair a good opportunity during the pandemic, and said, “This fair will provide the chance for users from any part of the country to have better access to the books on history by contemporary authors,” he said.

“In addition, the virtual fair can better support readers with more detailed information about the books, which will be offered during the event,” he noted.

“Historiography is a technical and complex work and the Islamic Revolution needs to train good talents in history and other fields such as novels and documents,” he concluded.

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Source: Tehran Times

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